Derma Aesthetics exceeds expectations

Derma Aesthetics, the distributor of dermaviduals skincare in Australia and New Zealand, has two big reasons to celebrate this month – co-managing director Simone Vescio has been appointed to the International Academy of Corneotherapy’s board of education and the company has launched a ‘game changing’ micro-needling device. Simone said it was a great honour to […]

Responding to ‘skintellectualism’

QUESTION: We are entering an age of ‘skintellectualism,’ whereby consumers are adopting a much more investigative approach to their routines and educating themselves about the best ingredients for every stage. How are brands responding to this challenge? LEARNING: Education is key when it comes to both therapists and clients. Each client needs to be assessed […]

Technology concerns

QUESTION: One viewpoint is that the future of cosmetic dermatology, anti-aging, and wellness is reliant on advancements in technology, as it’s really about how we’re going to get these ingredients into the skin. What are your thoughts on this view? LEARNING: With great technology comes great responsibility. We have to ensure we don’t damage the […]

Marketing to Men

QUESTION: Considering the increased number of men’s skin care products – how do you see this market segment evolving over the coming years; both at the salon level via increased consumer demand, and the evolution of product offerings by beauty suppliers? LEARNING: Apart from some inherent differences, all skin is the same. Treatments and homecare […]

The Age Factor

QUESTION: The skin care industry has witnessed an expansion in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base. People are beginning to use skin care at an increasingly young age in a bid to delay the signs of ageing. What actions are skin care companies taking to address these changes? LEARNING: Prevention is […]

The next big skin care trend

QUESTION: Trends influencing the skin care sector in recent years have included high tech facial masks, friendly bacteria, superfood skin care, facial brushing, injectables, air-pollution defenses and plumping ingredients. What do you anticipate will be the next big trend to impact the professional skin care category? LEARNING: Healthy skin is always going to be in […]

Meet Our Industry Roundtable 6 Suppliers

Get up close and personal with our three suppliers – Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty, managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio, and DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross – by watching their profiles below. DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty Managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio […]

Meet Our Industry Roundtable No 6 Salon Owners

Find out more about our three salon owners – Skintifix founder Robyn McAlpine, Skin Correctives owner Karen Meiring de Gonzalez and Brand and Business Strategy founder Olivier Duvillard – by watching their profiles below. Skintifix founder Robyn McAlpine Brand and Business Strategy founder Olivier Duvillard Skin Correctives owner Karen Meiring de Gonzalez FULL ROUNDTABLE 6 […]

Get educated with Derma Aesthetics

Derma Aesthetics is hosting education days in Sydney and Melbourne this August. Here’s your chance to learn from dermal science educator Florence Barrett-Hill.


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