Collagentex Phototherapy Skin Rejuvenation Systems

The use of visible or near infrared light for reducing pain, inflammation, promoting healing of wounds, and preventing tissue damage has been known for almost forty years since the invention of lasers.

In salons, cosmetic beauty light therapy equipment is used mainly to assist with the reduction of fine lines, low level wrinkles, skin and pore tightening, blemish removal and scar tissue reducation.

Originally thought to be a specific property of coherent laser light, new advances in technology over the last decade has broadened the type of equipment on offer to include photo-biomodulation and photo-biostimulation using non-coherent light.

At first there were only lasers, then more recently IPL (intense pulsed light) and LED’s (light emitting diodes) were introduced, both of which work the same as lasers in a coherent (monochromatic) form, although with less power. This means that they can only emit light at one particular wavelength. For each different wavelength they need extra lamps, filters or separate heads and attachments, adding significantly to the cost of the equipment and leaving it out of the reach of many salons who would like to diversify into light based therapies.

The latest Quantum Leap in technology is called the Collagentex Action Spectrum, which uses a revolutionary Plasma-Arc/Quartz lamp combined with a scientifically designed and patented filter system, allowing treatments in multiple wavelengths in one cost effective device. The scientifically proven blend of wavelengths has been developed over twelve years of research to deliver optimal results.

This new advance in light therapy shows consistent age defying results. The key to this successful light therapy is selecting a combination of two proven red light wavelengths in conjunction with multiple Infra-Red and Far Infra-Red wavelengths, thereby allowing several treatments in one device, something never before available in traditional phototherapy systems without suffering a large loss of power.

Now using the Collagentex Action Spectrum with the patented Plasma-Arc/Quartz/Filter system it is possible to provide affordable and effective full body rejuvenation as opposed to being traditionally restricted to only treat a small area at a time.

The Collagentex Action Spectrum delivers more power between 620nm and 660nm in the Collagen Building Red Light range and up to 10 times more power in multiple wavelengths in the effective Infra-Red range than any LED unit or other cosmetic phototherapy system available in the world today, ensuring outstanding results for a multitude of cosmetic skin condition treatments.

Our unique Action Spectrum with a specially formulated wavelength structure provides powerful red light at 633nm and 660nm, a broad spectrum range of Infra-Red between 712nm and 852nm, plus a Far-Infra-Red range from 912nm to 1250nm, with multiple peaks in output (power) across the spectrum, stimulating cellular activity from the outer epidermis, through the dermis and beyond to provide lower lymphatic drainage.

This unique combination of wavelengths and incredible intensity distribution enables treatment of many conditions simultaneously as our light will travel easily to a depth of 25mm below the skin. Anecdotal evidence has suggested many positive results in minor pain relief as well.

Will Collagentex work in my Salon?

Although there are frequently same day results such as glowing skin, smoother and reduced pores, and temporary skin tightening, photo-biomodulation light therapy results will take time as they are the result of biostimulation of your body's own natural collagen build up. Scientific treatment data over a range of photo therapy devices indicates that the full and final results are usually not evident until around two months after the completion of 10~20 treatments, depending on the individuals requirements and skin condition.

Photo-light therapy is always enhanced by the use of your existing lotion lines and even deeper penetration is enabled with our unique Infra-Red and Far Infra-Red spectrum. Your lotion sales should in fact grow, as you will have a new customer base for non-invasive photo-light therapy.
Of course individual results can vary from person to person based on a clients systemic body response, (health related issues), lifestyle, diet, exercise regime and unhealthy practices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. To ensure the most positive outcome from any form of treatment requires a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet, in conjunction with adequate hydration to ensure your body is working at its most effective level.

Who is Collagentex?
The Collagentex Action Spectrum was designed and developed over a twelve year period in Canada by Collagentex Inc, in conjunction with Dr Arlin, a specialist researcher in the phototherapy field.

Collagentex have been manufacturing light therapy devices for over twenty seven years and are widely considered a world leader in the phototherapy field.

All Collagentex equipment is manufactured according to Health Canada regulations under CSA/CUS approvals in the Collagentex factory in Quebec, Canada, using the highest quality Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium components to provide years of trouble free service with minimal maintenance.

Collagentex Australia is headed up by owner Mark Ireland who has over eighteen years experience in the light therapy field, and through his sister company Solarmeter Australia, Mark has written Government approved light therapy training courses for the Radiation Health Unit in QLD, and his portfolio of customers for his specialised digital light meters include ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency), the Cancer Councils and the majority of Universities across Australia to name a few.

Although his first passion was the study of light spectrums, including specialised digital light monitoring equipment, he was extremely excited when he found Collagentex. “Bringing the Collagentex Action Spectrum to Australia to provide powerful yet affordable photobiomodulation to salons is an exciting new chapter on our journey through the world of light”.

For more information visit and don’t forget to mention Professional Beauty to receive exclusive introductory pricing offers on the Collagentex RX Series for your salon.

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