Bringin’ Your Client’s Booty Back

With toned and terrific butts all the rage right now (thanks, Kim K), beauty therapists are seeing an increase in clients who want to fight cellulite to keep their derriere looking its best. So what’s the best way to deal with it?

Just about every woman gets it. That dimply, mushy, cottage-cheese appearance to the thighs, bottom and even upper arms that can make you decide  it’s time to retire skirts and swimwear forever. Seemingly everyone gets cellulite to some degree, but it can really can wreak havoc on a woman’s self esteem.

The Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite can result from poor nutrition, fad dieting, dehydration, lack of physical activity, hormonal changes and also be a result of genetics- and it’s certainly not limited to a certain age or body type.

What can be done smooth it out?

There are a few ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Staying adequately hydrated is not only one of the best things you can do for overall health, it is essential to keeping skin looking smooth and healthy. Physical activity in the form of swimming, yoga, or even house work is great for raising your heart rate and improving blood flow through your capillaries. This increased blood flow also keeps skin smooth and discourages the development of fatty deposits underneath the skin.

But because cellulite is not like regular fat, it can take some extra work to combat. For clients that have stubborn and unsightly cellulite at a cellular level, add a specific cellulite fighting product to your beauty arsenal. Image Skincare’s Cell.U.Lift uses unique ingredients that work deeply to improve cell turnover in order for skin to maintain a smooth and “plumped up” appearance and texture.

Enzyme polypeptide complex, or EPP, is the main ingredient in Cell.U.Lift. This powerful, yet safe ingredient breaks down the top layer of skin so that the product’s other ingredients can really penetrate and break down the fatty deposits that are causing the skin to have that dimpled and rippled look.

The other key ingredients are Unislim and Slimming Factor Karkade. The Unislim breaks down fat and firms the skin and rids toxins. Slimming Factor Karkade is a hydroglycolic solution shown to produce a 170% increase in lipid metabolism and a 17% decrease in localized fat.

Better still, this isn’t an in-salon treatment, so your client can add this to their beauty routine at home. Suggest combining this with daily body brushing using a large soft natural-bristle brush to stimulate lymph flow for a derriere that even Kimmy K would be proud of.

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