26 Struggles Every Beauty Therapist Will Recognise

Only beauty therapists get it.

1. That feeling when you don’t commit to a wax rip.

2. Clueless clients.

3. The strain of acting like you give a damn.

4. Saturdays from hell.

5. And more Saturdays from hell…

6. The irony of never having time to run a comb through your hair.

7. Having to deal with other people’s beauty fails.

8. That feeling when you get in the zone.

9. Clients who give you ‘tips’ on how to do your job.

10. Feeling like a hypocrite for giving out skincare tips when you barely have time to wash your face with water most days.

11. When a client asks to upgrade at the last minute. Also known as ‘there goes your break’.

12. When a client makes direct eye contact with you the entire time you’re doing their makeup.


13. When someone complains about how ‘hard’ their job is to you


14. Clients who get confused by the massage table.


15. Spray tan stains.


16. Wax. Wax everywhere.


17. The unbearable urge to scream, “Just PICK A FREAKING COLOUR!!!”


18. The constant burden of being able to see bad eyebrows everywhere you go.


19. Having other people’s dead skin and nails in places no one should ever have them.


20. Having your life revolve around wet wipes more than you’d care to admit.


21. The rollercoaster of emotions you go through when someone books a last minute appointment impinging on your break, and then looks like this.


22. Being expected to give your partner free massages when you’re the one in dire need of a back rub.


23. The ever-present threat of nip to eye contact.


24. Being expected to perform the impossible.


25. Weekends? What weekends?

26. And no one understands you like your salon…



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