Bridal Prep Every Therapist Should Know

Want a happy client and not an irate Bridezilla? You’ll want to read on then…

‘That’s right, so long as I’m smiling no one gets hurt…’

Beautiful bridal makeup starts with a glowing complexion, which takes place in the weeks prior to the wedding day.

As a beauty therapist, it’s your job to select the right treatments for ensuring your bride has her glow on come the big day; even the slightest underestimation of how long a more invasive treatment like a peel will take to heal before the event could spell disaster, so here’s a few tips to make sure you have one grateful client, shedding happy tears on their big day!

The Wedding Countdown:

8-10 weeks before:  Tame big issues now, while there’s still enough time for necessary treatments. A course of peels will lighten, tighten and brighten any skin. Choose a course of three peels to do two weeks apart. The type of resurfacing treatment will depend on your client’s particular skin type.

2 weeks before: Recommend a facial paired with an enhancer, such as Images Skincare’s 25% Vitamin C or 25% Stem Cell booster. This will give the skin a blast of potent antioxidants and help retain hydration in the week leading up to the event.

1-3 days before: Every bride needs a pampering session a few days before her wedding day. An oxygen facial will gently exfoliate and reduce signs of aging and stress by the use of oxygen, plant stem cells, botanicals, and peptides. Oxygen treatments require no downtime, are gentle on the skin and the results are instant. They are a perfect choice for the final days of skin preparation.

Try these tips from the glowing contestants of the 2013 Miss Universe Competition, who prepared their skin for the event using oxygenating spa facials and Image Skincare’s trademark O2 Lift treatment..

“After my o2 treatment my skin felt rejuvenated. It felt more deeply moisturised than previously and it felt quite plump,” says Miss Australia 2013, Olivia Wells.

The beauty queen’s treatment of choice works by infusing oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin to leave it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. And it’s suitable for male and females alike, so don’t hesitate to recommend one to the groom as well!

By opting for a balanced skin program of exfoliating, calming and hydrating treatments, your clients will be their most radiant self as they walk down the aisle on their special day.

Visit Image Skincare for more information on the brand’s trademark beauty treatment for glowing wedding day skin.

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