9 Benefits You Never Knew You Could Get From Light

It’s time to head toward the light…

Walk toward the light...
Walk toward the light…

Forget skincare lotions and potions, when it comes to boosting your client’s complexion, few things boast more impressive and speedy results than the power of light. Check out 9 of the best benefits your clients can expect to reap from heading toward the light…

1. Reverse ageing

For clients with mature skin, a light stimulating facial is a no-brainer. Using a specific combination of wavelengths and colours of light, light stimulating technology works to actually increase collagen and elastin production, thus literally turning back the hands of time on an ageing complexion.

2. Reduce inflammation

Anyone who’s ever treated the skin of a client suffering from an inflammatory condition like rosacea knows all too well the frustration involved in dealing with this skin type, but few know the powerful effects of light when it comes to treating it. In a 2011 study of 102 patients suffering from rosacea who were treated with light therapy for around 14 weeks, 78 per cent of participants reported reduced flushing and improved skin texture, and 72% noted fewer acneiform breakouts. 

3. Banish acne breakouts

Light treatments are the preferred approach for most dermatologists when it comes to treating acne. That’s because specific waves of blue light cause acne bacteria to release natural organic compounds called porphyrins, which actually kill acne bacteria as they release oxygen into the pores, because acne bacteria can’t survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

4. Speed up healing

For clients recovering from surgery, light therapy can be no less than miraculous. Countless studies have repeatedly shown the power of the right combination of light to speed up the healing process of everything from bruises to fresh wounds by promoting increased circulation, a key factor to any form of skin repair.

5. Avoiding harmful UV

The sun imparts many benefits to our bodies via the delivery system of our skin, which absorbs light and converts it into energy in the same way plants do, however unlike plants, human skin is much more vulnerable to the damaging effects of harmful UV rays contained in sunlight, which have long been known to accelerate ageing, decrease hydration and most importantly can lead to melanoma. Light stim technology offers all the good benefits of sunlight, minus the UV rays, so it’s really a win-win.

6. Wham, bam, thankyou Ma’am

Because light treatments can produce results in as little as 20 minutes, they’re an ideal option for clients in a hurry or anyone with a short appointment. While you can expect the best results from longer, repeated treatments, even a single short light stimulating session can be added in to an express facial to boost the overall result.

7. Relieve pain

While many professionals are familiar with the various aesthetic effects of light in terms of lifting a client’s appearance, few realise light stimulating treatments can be used as an effective tool for relieving chronic pain, like arthritic and joint pain. Light therapy emits warm and soothing light energy proven to provide temporary relief from aching and stiffness by increasing blood flow to tired and inflamed areas of the body.

8. Walking on sunshine

Exposure to sunlight has long been associated with an uplifted mood, which is why incidences of depression tend to be higher in countries where sunshine is limited. However for people deprived of adequate sunlight like office workers, as well as those suffering from clinical depression, light therapy has been shown to have similar effects to the sun in terms of lifting and stabilising mood by activating the brain’s ‘circadian pacemaker’.

9. Get glowing

If you’ve got a client in need of a quick boost, a light stimulating treatment is the way to go. Most people report a noticeably more illuminated complexion after just a single light treatment, thanks to the circulation boosting powers of light, which promote increased blood flow to the skin, thus perking up the face with a freshly flushed, youthful glow.

Our fave light stimulating devices

1. LightStim Professional Hand Held Lights. 2. LightStim Professional 2-Panel Lights. Head to lightstim.com for more details.
1. LightStim Professional Hand Held Lights. 2. LightStim Professional 2-Panel Lights. Head to blccosmetics.com for more details.

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