Six ways to nail it

Brad Bergmann, the strategy and operations manager for Bio Sculpture Australia, reveals six simple ways to increase your salon’s nail business.

Sugaring – the sweet truth

Sugaring, an early method of hair removal, has been used to remove body hair for centuries but is undergoing a recent resurgence in popularity.

A Guide to the Perfect Manzilian with Lycon’s Lydia Jordane

A Manzilian is one of those things you definitely – definitely – don’t want to mess up. But we’ve got you covered; PB sat down with expert waxer and founder and CEO of Lycon Cosmetics, Lydia Jordane, to talk fluid wrist movements, pain management and preparing for your first Manzilian. What’s the key to a perfect […]

Waxing: How young can you go?

These days, it’s almost common for pre-teens to be asking for beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures. So what should be the minimum age for waxing? Caronlab owner, Lilliane Caron, shares her views.

Everything you need to know about the Brazilian

The Brazilian has become a staple waxing technique for many salon businesses. Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon, gives Professional Beauty her top tips on nailing this sometimes tricky waxing technique.

The big debate: waxing vs sugaring

Thinking of introducing body sugaring to your treatment menu? We ask Lilliane Caron our nine burning questions about sugaring and what we should consider before taking on this sweet treatment.

Should you change your wax?

We ask Lilliane Caron, owner and director at Caronlab, about when we should (and shouldn’t) change the wax in our salons.

Lilliane Caron talks wax and work ethics

Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab, talks about the hugely successful career beauty therapy has given her, her role models, inspiration – and her favourite wax product!

Are you a double dipper?

Double dipping, gloves, sifting wax… Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab Australia, discusses these tricky issues head on.

Are you wax prepared?

Being ready to wax is key to a happy client and a better bottomline. Lilliane Caron, owner and director at Caronlab gives five reasons to be wax ready.

Speed up your Brazilian

Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab, tells how we can speed up our intimate wax treatments without compromising on efficiency and quality.


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