Meet The Cadillac Of Facial Treatments

The latest skincare technology is shining new light on anti-ageing, pain relief and more.


When most of us think of skincare technology, we think of specialised devices aimed at targeting and treating a specific concern, be it fine lines or puffiness. But a breakthrough new device is set to change that, offering everything from pain relief to anti-ageing treatments and even enhanced moods. It’s called light stimulating technology, and it works by using a method initially discovered by NASA scientists.

How light stimulation works

Much like a plant growing in the sunshine, the skin absorbs light and converts it into energy to be utilised for a variety of purposes including regeneration and repair. And while skin therapists have long known of intense light’s potential to brighten a dull complexion, light stimulating technology is taking things one step further by addressing a plethora of skin conditions including some of the more difficult concerns such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and acne.

Specific wavelengths and colours of light have been shown to kill bacteria in the skin, boost circulation and soothe inflammation, so while light stimulation is ideal as a skincare facial, its also helpful for use on clients suffering from chronic pain like arthritis and has even been shown to boost a depressed mood by re-programming the brain’s circadian rhythms, which control stress levels and are highly sensitive to light.

Who can use it

A high quality light stimulating device such as a hand-held coloured light or double panel light will provide clients with a one-stop-shop for their skin, addressing everything from wrinkles to dullness and inflammation, so it’s suitable for all ages and skin types.

Because light treatments are extremely gentle and don’t require any friction or product application to the skin (though they can be significantly boosted with skincare serums), and are free from harmful UV rays, they’re also ideal for those clients with extra sensitive skin.

How long it takes to work

A single 30 minute light treatment can produce visible results thanks to the ability of specific light wavelengths to promote increased blood flow to the skin, thus causing an instantly perked up, flushed complexion and making it a ideal treatment recommendation for a time-poor client in need of a quick pick-me-up; however clients after treatment for advanced ageing and inflammatory conditions like rosacea are more likely to see noticeable results after a series of treatments.

Choosing the right device for your salon

There are a variety of different devices on the market that harness the skin-boosting power of light, so when you’re looking at selecting a piece of equipment for your salon, it’s best to look at what best fits your needs. For smaller salons, there are a number of compact hand-held devices available that won’t take up valuable floor space, while for salons with a little more room, freestanding double panel lights cover more area on the client, allowing an entire treatment area to be addressed in a single session.

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