6 essential social media tips for salons

Olivia Jenkins is an award-winning business and marketing consultant at Olivia Jenkins Consulting. In this piece, she shares her tips for harnessing social media to super-charge your salon business.

“As a digital marketing consultant specialising in the beauty industry, I’m constantly emphasising the importance of social media to my clients — especially if they’re interested in increasing their reach and building a profitable beauty salon business.”

“Social media is one of those things many salon owners see as an overwhelming “to-do” on their checklist, which can be a difficult ask when time is spent mostly on the tools or managing a team. Many salons do dabble in social media when they can but often do so without a solid strategy in place. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t translate to new clients and business growth.”

“Naturally, if you’re not dedicating the time and aren’t sure what to post to move the needle forward, you aren’t going to see the desired results. An impromptu post every few months just to let people know you’re still alive just won’t cut it!”

“However, when you use social media the right way and approach it with intention, it can have a massive impact on the visibility, success, and growth of your salon. You can build stronger connections with clients, showcase your team’s amazing expertise, increase sales on aftercare products and increase booking rates.”

“Here are seven easy ways you can use social media to attract clients and increase your salon’s reach.”

Olivia Jenkins gives social media advice for salons
Olivia Jenkins shares her expert social media tips for salons.

Introduce yourself and your team

“Don’t be afraid to get personal and share posts about yourself and your team. Talk about your background, how you got started in the industry, why you’re passionate about your services and so on. Introduce members of your team individually and list their expertise so clients get an idea of who they want to book with. Not only do most consumers prefer ‘raw and real’ content over a perfectly curated feed, but your clients will like getting to know the experts.” 

Show off major ‘before and after’ pic transformations

“Clients love seeing examples of what’s possible at your salon. Share a diverse range of ‘before and after’ transformation-style content that clients can use as inspiration. Ask permission from your clients before posting pics of them to social media and tag them so they can repost on their own socials. You can even offer them an incentive to do so!”

Educate your clients on after-care

“To make sure your clients love their results long after their appointment, post tons of info on how they can preserve their look in-between visits. This demonstrates your expertise to potential new clients. Also, promote any aftercare products you’re selling.”

Share last minute cancellations on Instagram and Facebook

“Instead of letting any pandemic-related or other appointment cancellation spots go to waste, spread the word online when last-minute slots come up. Chances are you’ll fill the slot and avoid missing out on revenue if you simply let a wide audience know it’s available.”

Use hashtags to your advantage

“Make use of a combination of geographical, local, expertise and niche hashtags so clients can discover your salon easily. The more specific you can be about where you are and your services the better! For example: “#beatsalonsydney #sydneyfacial #bondifacial #skinexpert #skinsalon #sydneymicroneedling”.”

Provide incentives for your clients to post about your salon on social media

“Offering clients a discount on their next purchase, gift, product or service voucher in exchange for a shoutout on social media is a great way to gain visibility. It also builds customer loyalty.”

Post regularly

“This one goes without saying. If your last post was months ago and you only pop up now and then then it doesn’t exactly look like you’ve got a lot going on! Try scheduling in posts all at once to run regularly over a period so you don’t have to remind yourself to do it all the time.”

Olivia Jenkins is an award-winning business and marketing consultant at Olivia Jenkins Consulting who specialises in advising women-led businesses within the beauty, health, and fashion industries. She has had more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce marketing, working with top global health and beauty brands including Swisse Wellness, Kosmea and Vani-t. She holds an MBA (Marketing) as well as four digital marketing accreditations.

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