TALKING TECHNOLOGY : 3D Skinmed and 3D Lipomed

Karen Aylett from Fabiola Beauty shares her experience in using 3D equipment.

Why did you select the technology in your salon, over any other?

3D offers the latest clinically proven technologies in the beauty industry. The clients have been driving the popularity of non-invasive, limited downtime beauty treatments for a number of years. 3D Technologies have an offering of high quality solutions, delivering long term results within a price point that is repeatable and highly profitable. 3D offer great training and their technical support team are always happy to help with any questions. Fabiola Beauty was the first salon in the Illawarra region of  NSW to offer a range of such technologies and 3D was the perfect choice as all of their machines are multi-function and deliver real results.

How much did the local demographic influence your equipment offering?

100 per cent. Our salon is in the CBD with a clientele of time-limited professionals who demand real results with limited downtime so we needed technologies to meet their needs. In addition 3D Lipomed is a complementary offering to the local fitness industry as it is able to target areas of an individual’s body to deliver results that hard work alone cannot.

Do you need to promote the technology in your salon?

The 3D technologies have been very well received by our existing clientele, and there was a definite change in our clients’ behaviour. When clients sees fantastic results using one technology  such as Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, they do not hesitate to move on to more advance treatments like 3D HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). Promoting outside our existing client base has also seen a dramatic increase in our client base. We very quickly went from only offering one of the 3D technologies to offering four of their machines as it was clear from my first purchase that this was the way of the future. In addition the big increase in turnover and the profit margins from the technologies were like nothing I had seen before. Being able to grow the business and take it to the next level has been a lot easier with the right technologies. I would have never thought it would change my business so dramatically.

What is the most positive client feedback you have received since incorporating the equipment into your salon?

We have seen so many happy clients. For example, when we told one client that she was onto her last Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment in a course of eight she said that it definitely wouldn’t be her last, as she loved the improvement in her skin so much. This client went onto continue having the treatments on a monthly basis and then to partake in every technology the salon has to offer.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing salons in the equipment sector?

The biggest challenge when offering advanced beauty technologies is staying ahead of the competition. Offering high quality treatments and maintaining exclusivity of product offered is the key to success. A larger number of businesses that discount services can result in a demographic of clients looking for the biggest discount, regardless of the quality and safety of the outcomes. It is also important to know which technology companies to partner with as many of them don’t really care about their clients. Fortunately this hasn’t been the case with 3D.


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