There’s makeup and then there’s makeup. The latter is created by supernatural beings with transformative powers, aka makeup artists. We’ve found 10 of the most talented for you here – remember to pick that jaw up off the floor when you’re done.

1. Glam N Anne


This Californian-based beauty is the poster girl of airbrushed finishes and electric contrasts. Her video tutorials have garnered her over 5,000 YouTube subscribers, while her Instagram following is 24,000 followers strong.

Instagram: glamnanne
outube: Glam N Anne

2. Roshar 


With a portfolio that features work from Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and Instyle, Roshar is renowned for his attention to detail and flawless skin. Originally from Texas, Roshar immersed himself in the underground club scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s and still takes inspiration from these decades today.

Instagram: rosharofficial
Website: Roshar Beauty


3. Babbu the Painter

Babbu the Painter

Babneet Lakhesar may have only just picked up the makeup brush, but judging by this latest pic on her Instagram, it’s a sure thing we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her. An artist and fashion designer, Babneet takes inspiration from her Indian heritage and incorporates her beliefs on immigration, belonging and gender into her work.

Instagram: babbuthepainter
Website: Babbu the Painter


4. Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg

With eyeshadow that looks like that, it’s hardly a surprise that Tal Peleg’s creations have gone viral. This Palestinian artist knows that the devil is in the detail and must have one of the steadiest hands in the industry. She regularly adopts popular culture into her designs, featuring Beauty and The Beast, Stranger Things, Deadpool, How to Train your Dragon and more.

Instagram: tal_peleg 
Facebook: Tal Peleg Art of Makeup


5. Candy Make Up Artist

Candy Make Up Artist

In Joyce Spakman’s world, every day is Halloween. Her Instagram profile is filled with Aliens-worthy creations that’ll have you doing double takes (or running in the other direction). Originally from the Netherlands, this Dutch artist is an IMATS London veteran and runs a series of special effects makeup classes in her home country.

Instagram: candymakeupartist
Facebook: Candy Make Up Artist
6. Casually Creepy

Casually Creepy

She’s only 18-years-old, but it’s safe to say this woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to makeup. Not that much is known about Casually Creepy, but we can tell you she’s got a penchant for the gory and a whole lot of prosthetics. Check out her Instagram account behest, but be warned you’re not going to sleep tonight.

Instagram: casuallycreepy 
Facebook: CasuallyCreepy


7. Valeriya Kutsan

Valeriya Kutsan

Valeriya Kutsan’s stunning designs are living and breathing art. Most well-known for her collaboration with photographer Alexander Khokhlov, Valeriya is regarded as one of the most talented makeup artists in Russia. 

Website: Valeriya Kutsan

8. Bonnie Corban


Bonnie Corban

Need we say more? If Bonnie Corban’s designs don’t make your skin crawl, we don’t know what will. This 21-year-old Sydneysider is a self-taught artist who spends her days making YouTube tutorials, wowing the crowd at IMATS and experimenting with prosthetics that look crazily realistic.

Website: bonniecorban
 Bonnie Corban SFX
9. Ryan Kelly


Ryan Kelly

Originally just a hobby, Ryan Kelly’s lip art is utterly hypnotic. Her YouTube channel is filled with eye-catching tutorials of her using the tiniest of brushes to create masterpieces in the most unlikely of places. She’s only been posting her handiwork for about a year, but she’s already gained international success for her designs.

Instagram: ryankellymua
 Ryan Kelly
10. Lianne Moseley

Lianne Moseley

With their distinct cartoonish edge, Canadian-born artist Lianne Moseley’s work is unmistakable. Inspired by colour and the bold vibrancy of Frank Miller movies, Lianne runs a wedding makeup artistry bussiness – ironic, huh?

Instagram: lustredust
 Lianne Moseley

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