Women ditch complicated skincare

In a worrying sign for skincare companies, it seems Marie Kondo’s decluttering manifesto is changing women’s beauty routines. According to new research by Mintel, the days of bathroom cabinets packed with 5-step, 7-step or even 10 step-skincare routines could be over as many women are “tired of complicated facial skincare routines”. The market research consultancy’s […]

The trends set to change your salon

Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has revealed the four trends that are set to impact on the global beauty market – and your salon.

Asia leads the way in sheet masks

Asia continues to lead the world in sheet mask usage – and creation – according to the latest research by global market intelligence agency Mintel.

Lipstick economy booms in China

Lipstick sales are the driving force behind the growth in China’s coloured cosmetics sales, according to the latest research by Mintel.

Chinese mask obsession continues

Chinese consumers love for the facial mask shows no signs of slowing, with new research predicting that the market will grow 15.8 percent in value each year over the next five years.

Americans embrace natural beauty

American women, particularly Millennials, are embracing their natural beauty, ‘flaws and all’, according to new research by Mintel.


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