Beauty Product Packaging to Match Consumers’ Lifestyles, According to Latest Mintel Stats

Global market intelligence agency, Mintel has released a report outlining the key trends in product packaging for 2023.

Data featured in its 2023 Global Packaging Trends report was accrued utilising the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), spanning 86 markets. 

Such information is useful to businesses that manufacture products, including beauty, cosmetic and hygiene products, as it reflects the changing demands of consumers. 

For the beauty and personal care sector, post-pandemic self-care now constitutes sexual wellness, the hormone journey and wellness for every life stage. Mintel argues that beauty packaging is often connected to consumers’ emotional ties – be it exciting, glamorous, fun, and so on.

The report states that “package manufacturers must deliver physical, emotional, visual, digital and environmental attributes that mesh with beauty and personal care consumers’ changing lifestyles and purchasing capabilities to remain fresh and relevant.”

“The beauty and personal care space has historically been one that consumers migrate towards when faced with stress and upheaval,” the report states. “In parallel with consumers’ desire to be more informed, the opportunity to leverage communication between brands and customers to drive engagement has never been greater.”

It finds that in 2023, consumers are more careful of when, how and why they spend on beauty and personal care products. Experimentation, social responsibility, and value from brands both in-store and online are three contributing factors in their decision-making. Product packaging, Mintel notes, should reflect these values.

“New eco-responsible structures and materials, 100% product evacuation dispensing systems, messaging about eco-attributes, or messaging about a brand’s values” are some of the recommendations Mintel has made to brands in consideration of the above.

Mintel also states that “packaging remains not only a constant but an integral part of the beauty consumer experience.” 39% of Indian consumers say a beauty/grooming product with unique/well-designed packaging has triggered them to make an impulse purchase.

“Companies, brands and package manufacturers must create strategies and embrace next-generation package technologies that connect with consumers at retail, at home, and in any/all channels they prefer.”

Mintel used PESTEL analysis to determine packaging trends – a lens through which to assess macro-environmental factors and their impact across a range of touch-points, from political and economic, to social and legal. Both threats and opportunities to companies in 2023 and beyond were examined. 

“The decision to use a PESTEL analysis was based on the fact that currently there are so many extraordinary outside influences on package innovation and the packaging supply chain,” said David Luttenberger, CPPL, Global Packaging Director at Mintel. “The PESTEL format enables us to succinctly identify the opportunities and present clear recommendations to retailers, brand owners, and package manufacturers.”

To read the full report, download a copy via the Mintel website.

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