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Every client should know the basics before their first, or in some cases, next, wax. We’ve all had those appointments where things haven’t exactly gone to plan, so cluing in your clientele with some transparent communication is the best way to ensure everyone walks away happy.  Feel free to stick this to the wall of your wax room/share on your business page/hold in front of that one client’s face for an extended period of time so they finally get it.

Please – PLEASE – shower
We love our job – except when it involves waxing someone who’s come straight from the gym. As soon as a client takes off their clothes, the molecules in the room change.

Not only that, but a warm (not hot!) shower before a wax helps open pores for easy hair removal. Most professional waxers have cleansing clothes available for clients to freshen up on the spot, with the rosewater kind being particularly gentle for all areas.

Trim the hedges
Hair should be about a quarter of an inch long, aka 0.6 centimetres. That being said, make sure you let your clients know that shaving it all off isn’t a good idea either.

Wax can’t attach to hairs when they’re too short, while shaving between waxes reverses all the benefits of waxing, such as removing the hair from the root.

Exfoliate, but not too much
Exfoliating between treatments is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs, with regular cell turn over an essential for fresh and healthy skin. Despite this, clients need to find the line between exfoliating and over-exfoliating.

Harsh exfoliants with strong grains can cause painful irritation and even scratches which can cause infections, dehydration and premature ageing. Products with alpha hydroxy acids can be exceptionally harsh on certain people’s skin, while exfoliating one to three times a week is ideal.

We’ve seen it all before

Clients, especially first timers, are often nervous about being so exposed, so a kindly reminder that you’ve seen it all before will always be appreciated.

As estheticians, being open-minded and non-judgmental goes a long way, and ensuring that your clients are comfortable with you is not just to your benefit but theirs as well.

It’s really not as bad as you’re expecting
Everyone saw that seen in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and while waxing isn’t what we’d call a gentle massage, it’s not that bad. Tense muscles make the experience a whole lot less pleasant, but giving a near pain-free wax is possible.

Remind your client to book after her period rather than during or the week before it when emotions are high and pain tolerance is low, and keeping in mind that some areas are more sensitive than most and might need a different type of wax for the best results. Keep the heat of the wax low, too, while pre-wax solutions to soothe the skin are a must.

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Speak up!
Always tell your clients that if there’s something they’re concerned about they can feel comfortable telling you.

Customer feedback is important in all industries, but especially in ours. It’s not a personal affront, just a constructive observation that’s going to enhance the experience for all parties involved.

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