QUESTION: They say it is lonely at the top. Identify one individual in your beauty industry career who you can turn to during challenging times. Also, what approach do you adopt in nurturing special talent within your business ranks?

Learning: Building a well-established network is a crucial part of business life.

Leeanne Leslie from Alpha-H Skin Clinic said she fortunate enough for the last 11 years to have had a great boss, Michelle Doherty, who was an inspiring leader, but also had similar circumstances as herself being a working mum.

Heather Harrison from Advanced Skin Technology said was important to have a group of people that you could network with, share your intimate fears and thoughts with, because one person I find wasn’t always the right person for every situation.

Mathew Green from Candela Medical said It was important to have someone to turn to who understood the industry in your company, but was outside of it.

Lee Tan from Groom Laser & Skin Clinic said her employees had to share her vision and she tried to get to know them at a personal level and train and develop them as she went.

Michelle Doherty from Alpha-H said she liked to guide her team and very much acknowledge her outstanding employees team with incentives and rewards.