French makeup artist Violette becomes Guerlain Global Creative Director of Makeup

It seems professional makeup artist who is the living embodiment of chic Parisienne can’t put a foot wrong. According to a release from Guerlain, “With her creativity, daring, Parisian chic, eye for high standards and genuine sense of commitment, Violette seemed destined to join a House synonymous with French beauty and constant innovation, still emphasizing modernity despite being over 190 years old.”

The news comes just months after the professional makeup artist launched her own beauty brand, Violette_FR, named after her Instagram handle (and YouTube channel), bringing Parisienne cool to all. Previously she held the titles of International Makeup Designer for Dior Beauty and Global Beauty Director at Estée Lauder.

Of her new venture with Guerlain, Violette says“My story with Guerlain is really the story of my femininity… As a little girl, Météorites with its little pastel-coloured pearls for the complexion had a real aesthetic impact on me. I’d stare at the box fascinated, I couldn’t wait to become a woman… I pictured myself at my dressing table putting on lipstick, perfume and dipping a brush into these incredible Météorites. Today, I’ve been invited to write the next chapter in Guerlain’s history as Director of Makeup. That’s the magic of beauty.”

Guerlain says “As a young woman she’s made a place for herself within the makeup world. And as a French woman she gained recognition in the United States within just a few months of moving there on a whim in 2015 (her astrological sign is Aries, which explains her tenacity and taste for risk). She has collaborated with major houses since the beginning of her career… Violette has succeeded in making a name for herself – a first name at that – thereby inscribing her work into the annals of contemporary beauty. Her world is a unique and fertile one, where her spontaneous creativity, Parisian sensibilities, masterful techniques and love of art are blended together.”

“Just like Guerlain, I think of art as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I’m used to saying that art is the love of my life,” says Violette.

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