Ultraceuticals kicks off national tour

Ultraceuticals Australia has kicked off its 2018 Business Forums tour around Australia with a spectacular event at The Beach House in Sydney’s Point Piper.

During the two-day event for key salon partners, CEO Karen Wilkin-Donachie and founder Dr Geoffrey Heber announced the company’s plans for “further global expansion” into North America next year and revealed the company’s slated product launches for this year

Ultraceuticals research scientist Dr Shiva Farabi told the brand’s salon partners about “some exciting innovations within the company’s R&D laboratory”.

She introduced “the new technology” behind the company’s soon to be released Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner by demonstrating “the specific delivery system which enables the Alpha Hydroxy Acid within the product to be exceptionally effective at refining large pores”.

She also “delved into the complicated but exciting biochemistry mechanism behind some of the most potent peptides in the skincare market” (and several Ultraceuticals products).

Ultraceuticals education innovator Heather Vounnou held a full-day seminar focussed on understanding ageing.

The seminar examined the histology of ageing skin while also exploring a variety of factors (including circadian rhythms, telomeres and hormones such as DHEA) that accelerate the ageing process.

Heather also taught salon partners how to effectively communicate this information to their clients “in a relevant and meaningful way”.

Ultraceuticals public relation managers Adrian De Brock says other highlights at the forum included “invaluable business development sessions along with some insights into digital marketing and social media from the sales and digital teams”.

The next Ultraceuticals 2018 Business Forums will be held in Victoria on July 17-18, WA (July 24-25), SA (July 26-27), NZ (July 31 – August 1) and Queensland (August 7-8).

The company will also be exhibiting at this year’s Beauty Expo Australia ‒ “which will be a major platform for Ultraceuticals to mark its 20th year as a pioneer in Australia’s cosmeceutical industry” ‒ in Sydney on September 8-9.


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