Bye bye, beauty blender

Beauty blenders, or as we like to call them, ‘those sponges that soak up half of your foundation’ are finally on their way out. Their replacement is easy to wash, isn’t a breeding place for bacteria and resembles a chicken cutlet.

Silicone sponges are ushering in a new era of makeup application, with everyone from Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Margot Robbie showcasing the flawless results.

Its non-porous silicone surface is encapsulated by a hugely flexible material called thermoplastic polyurethane that doesn’t soak up foundation, highlighter or cream blush (finally!).  Because of the smooth surface, you don’t have to use as much product, not to mention it’s incredibly easy to clean (a simple rinse with soap and water and you’re done).

And if that wasn’t enough, these sponges retail for a mere $9-$15. Silisponge, Makeup Drop and their glittery counterpart Evie Blender, are already flying off the shelves, with Silisponge reporting they’re completely sold out.

Angie Johnson, creator of the Evie Blender, is a makeup artist by trade who’s worked behind the scenes of countless TV shows and films and actually came up with the idea while working on a fake hand. “I had all these silicone samples and I just started playing with them and thought, what if I could make a sponge out of this?” she told Elle North America. While she was experimenting, the applying makeup with bra-inserts trend started making the rounds. “Those bra-inserts don’t have a shape that’s easy to use, and don’t have the tackiness that really holds the makeup you’re using and moves it around to really blend it into the skin,” she explains.

Johnson’s Evie Blender is teardrop shaped and pleasantly squishy, making it easy to grip and excellent for large and small areas. The textured surface is similar to that of a real sponge, but doesn’t absorb any product. It’s also hypoallergenic and can be boiled or wiped with rubbing alcohol for quick and easy sanitation – a major plus for makeup artists.

To be honest, this new kind of beauty blender is a major plus for all of us!



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