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This article was taken from the Professional Beauty archives, and was originally published in July 2019.

Vicky Moini always envisioned a clinic that offered effective treatment solutions for a wide range of skin concerns.

Six years ago, she and her husband opened The Skin Boutique.

Vicky catches up with Professional Beauty to talk about working with clients on their journey to better skin.

Tell us about The Skin Boutique:
“The Skin Boutique was founded in 2013 by my husband and I but our careers together began at one of Australia’s largest laser clinics which he had co-founded in 2008. This was an incredible experience and one that we were very fortunate to do together. However, the professional satisfaction for myself had hit a peak with only offering laser hair removal and I wanted a new challenge. Whether it’s someone that has never done anything for their skin or clients that regularly maintain their complexion, we believe in educating clients on all the available treatment options and creating a custom treatment plan that is tailored to their budget and timeframes.”

How many staff?
“We started off with only three skin and laser specialists and with one location and we now have four locations with over 40 specialists and nurses. They range from being with us from as new as several months to six years. One of our first therapists now runs her own Skin Boutique in Elwood.”

How do you keep your staff motivated?
“To continue the enthusiasm and motivation of our staff purely comes down to the creation of treatments that will provide continued results for their clients. Our specialists also help with the collaboration of these treatments and we encourage open-mindedness when it comes to any new way we can work with our treatments and devices. It also comes down to training, continued development and self-development. Currently we have a professional development coach who is working with our staff to educate them on areas of themselves that they can improve on.”

Most popular treatments?
“The most popular skin treatments are most certainly the meso-peels from Mesoestetic. We perform these with a healing LED Facial. We are also a leading skin needling clinic that has been fortunate enough to have been taught personally by Dr Des Fernandes from Environ Skincare who travelled out from South Africa. The Laser Genesis is also a very popular treatment as it has no-down time and provides an instant glow with a lactic peel and crystal fibre mask.”

Tell us about your relationship with Advanced Cosmeceuticals?
“We have a wonderful relationship with Advanced Cosmeceuticals. Catherine Beidman, Joanna Kapinski and Dora Erdossy are all such incredibly talented and knowledgeable women who have helped The Skin Boutique grow. Their professionalism and attentiveness to the growth and success of not just our business but our staff is beyond anything we could ask for.”

Tell us about education and training?
“Training and education is vital for the proper diagnosis of skin conditions. Without this clients would be at risk of complications to say the least. It is important the each specialist is properly educated and confident in the treatments they are performing and the skincare ranges they are recommending to their clients. Advanced Cosmeceuticals provides the highest level of trying – both practical and theoretical training with multiple trainers on a very regular basis.”

How has technology influenced the salon?
“Technology has improved and developed substantially over the last six years that we have been operating. Our laser hair removal technology has introduced new hand pieces which has decreased treatment time for our clients – this in itself has made the treatment more. We have trialled and used many different pieces of equipment from the LED masks that are now widely sold as home use devices and have progressed to the Healite which has allowed us to achieve incredible results for our clients. Technology has not just developed in the way of in clinic devices but also increased substantially in the way our products are able to penetrate in to the skin.”

What are The Skin Boutique future plans?
“We are always looking at further development, new locations, devices and more. We like to create an environment where professionals in this ever-evolving industry have the ability to grow and advance themselves. We like to encourage our employees to reach their career potentials.”

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