The huge impact body hair has on millennials

Younger millennials are more likely to feel self-conscious and insecure about their body hair than older women of their generation. A report conducted by hair removal brand Nair and Kelton Global in the US found that out of 1,000 of the women surveyed, one in two admitted their body hair had a major impact on their self-esteem.

Younger millennial women were found to be more affected by feelings of insecurity than older millennials, with a split of 57 percent to 48 percent. Nearly half of the participants said they’d give up coffee (48 percent) for a month if it meant being free of body hair for one year.

They also elected to give up Netflix (44 percent), sex (39 percent) and social media (38 percent) is return for being hair-free for a year.

Hispanic, African American and Caucasian women all participated, and despite the various ethnicities and races, all millennials have a specific area when it comes to body hair. Despite this, Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians and African Americans to be concerned about the upper lip (57 percent versus 40 percent and 33 percent), hands and knuckles (20 percent versus 10 percent and 9 percent), and back area (17 percent versus 7 percent and 11 percent).

The areas that caused women the most concern was the bikini line (72 percent), underarms (58 percent), and legs (52 percent). One of the biggest problems participants had was that shaving, arguably the easiest and cheapest hair removal option, was too time-consuming (56 percent), while 44 percent said it irritated their skin and 72 percent lamented that the hair grew back too quickly.

As the study was conducted by home hair removal company Nair to support a new range of products, no questions were asked about salon waxing or IPL treatments. Despite this, it’s clear millennial women have a devoted interest in removing body hair and are unsatisfied with the process and results of shaving.

The study also reaffirms that being completely hair free – excluding head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes – is the most desired, and perhaps most socially acceptable, look.


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