Makeup For Blokes Is Here

Mirror time just got a whole lot more competitive.

There’s no denying the fact guys like to look good just as much as us girls do. In fact, recent studies have shown as many as one in three men frequent salons for beauty treatments, with many going as far as botox and injectibles to maintain their appearances.

But a new development in the world of men’s grooming may come as a surprise to some: makeup for blokes.

The emergence of everything from mascara to foundation for men is in response to what some companies are calling the age of the selfie, in which the metrosexual man is going next level.

“I believe the era of social media has paved the way for men to express themselves in new ways,” says founder of men’s cosmetics line, BM Cosmetics, Beau Mooi, whose line of male-specific products includes everything from bronzer to concealer for blokes.

“As society progresses and men become more comfortable with fashion and beauty, I believe that makeup will become more widely accepted and used daily. Already there are thousands of men’s makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. BM Cosmetics is the first men’s makeup brand in Australia and will continue to lead the industry by allowing men of all ages to put their best face forward,” says Mooi.

Bronzer, concealer and mascara feature in Mooi's men's makeup line.
Bronzer, concealer and mascara feature in Mooi’s men’s makeup line, BM Cosmetics.

According to a 2013 study by marketing company, J. Walter Thompson, nine per cent of men admit to using foundation regularly, while 11 per cent use bronzer and a further 10 per cent apply concealer. But with a lack of male-specific products on the market, most of those men are resorting to swiping their significant other’s makeup stashes which aren’t always suited for guys, according to Mooi.

“There was nothing on the market that worked with men’s skin before we launched; specifically as males have a thicker and more pigmented skin type…BM Cosmetics attracts a larger male following, however, we do have a few girlfriends and wives buying their partner cosmetics – I think they’re sick of sharing!” emphasises Mooi.

And while Mooi’s line is the first of its kind in Australia, men’s makeup has been gaining popularity around the world over the past decade, especially in countries like Europe where male vanity has become an integral aspect of modern culture.


In 2013, all-male nail salon Hammer & Nails launched in the U.S when founder, Hollywood screenwriter and entrepreneur, Michael Elliot, decided to treat himself to a manicure and found himself uncomfortable with the awkward glances shot his way from regulars at the traditional, female-centric nail salon, prompting major nail brands to take note and launch male focused ranges.

General manager for Faby Australia,  Karon McKendrick Taylor, who launched the Man Collection last year, says male manicures have become more socially acceptable since celebrities started showing them off.

“If Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper can wear nail polish and be sex symbols, then the average bloke can too.”

The men’s grooming products market has grown by 15 per cent to $3.9 billion since 2008, and is expected to grow an additional 13 per cent by 2018.

Indeed, men’s foundation and nail polish may be just the beginning of a new beauty era for the bloke.

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