Men’s go-to treatments

With salons reporting an increase in male customers, more and more beauty businesses are tailoring their offerings to suit the emerging male grooming market. While more Australian men are headed to the salon, a pattern is emerging when it comes to the treatments they favour. Laser or IPL hair removal New-age hair removal treatments like […]

The rise of the male facial

While the traditional salon customer has long been female, the interest in spa treatments from men is growing exponentially. With that in mind, salons are needing to adjust their offerings to appeal to their male market. A different skin Men’s skin and women’s skin does vary, not greatly, but there are some noticeable differences to […]

Tony & Munro launches men’s make-up

Make-up artists, rejoice! The days of finding a make-up line suitable for men’s skin could be over, thanks to the range released by new brand, Tony & Munro. Until now, we’ve been forced to use women’s make-up on men, with less-than-stellar results. For starters, men’s skin is about 25% thicker and generally oilier than women’s, […]

How to avoid ingrown hair in men

Men are far less likely to seek help for ingrown hair. Lilliane Caron from Caronlab, tells how to help our male clients overcome the issue.


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