Lycon takes Brazilian waxing to a new level

Lycon has introduced a luxury collection of Brazilian and bikini wax products to take the “most requested in-salon services” to a new level.

The Pinkini collection includes a skin cleanser, pre-waxing oil, hybrid hot wax with a difference and finishing lotions for in-salon use as well as an intimate wash and lightening serum for clients’ home use.

Heralding the Pinkini collection as a world-first, Lycon founder and CEO Lydia Jordane said the new collection is a luxury and “a necessity as Brazilian and Bikini waxing are the most requested in-salon services – and are the services which salons are often judged by”.

“Successful salons know that providing the most professional, comfortable and effective Brazilian and bikini waxing experience promotes client loyalty, repeat appointments and word-of-mouth recommendations,” she said.

“This up-to-the-minute collection is a game changer for salon owners and their clients, as it is the absolute best for the easiest and most comfortable intimate waxing.”

“The Pinkini Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax is a finely tuned blend between Lycon’s legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec modern film wax formulas.  This pliable wax can be used thinly, is super-efficient and economical to use, smells amazing and will not break. When teamed with the nurturing Pinkini Pre and Post waxing lotions, they provide virtually painless professional waxing.”

Lydia said the collection, which has “a fresh and calming scent”, has been formulated with “an abundance of technologically advanced and natural soothing ingredients which provide results beyond compare”.

“Many women have darker skin on their nether region due to strip waxing or good old razor shaving and the skin damage that ensues,” she said.

“With the gentle Pinkini collection, skin will suffer no more and waxing will last longer.”

In detail the collection is made up of the following:

Skin Cleanser – Light, refreshing and perfect to use before and after all waxing, the cleanser effectively removes surface oils, perspiration, pollution, grime, make-up and cream residue from skin. After waxing, it is ideal to close the hair follicles and minimise the possibility of ingrown hairs”.

Pre-Waxing Oil – “Extra soothing with natural skin calming plant extracts”, the oil forms a protective barrier, allowing wax to stick to hairs but not the skin.

Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax – A “precise balance” between Lycon’s traditional hot wax and LYCOtec modern film wax, the hybrid wax offers the same shrink-wrapping performance of Lycon traditional hot wax, removing hair as short as 1mm, plus the extra pliability and ease of use of LYCOtec modern film wax.

Finishing Lotion – A “light and refreshing lotion” formulated with soothing chamomile, allantoin and Tazman Berry to calm, moisturise and protect the skin after waxing.

Intimate Wash – A gentle pH balanced cleansing gel that provides a luxurious easily rinsed off lather that leaves skin clean, comfortable and soft. Formulated with gentle Lactic Acid, a well-known skin lightening agent, which supports the overall benefits of the Lightening Serum.

Lightening Serum – Rich in Vitamin C, Sodium Lactate, Beta-Glucan and Hyaluronic Acid, the serum gently lightens delicate skin and helps prevent further pigmentation from developing.

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