La Prairie celebrates the art of caviar

La Prairie Australia is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the brand’s Skin Caviar Collection and the launch of its “latest innovation”, Skin Caviar Absolute Filler, with art.

The company has collaborated with Sydney-based artist Dina Broadhurst to “interpret” the new filler “through the concept of volume, layers, luxury and of course, caviar” in a series of three photographic images.

According to La Prairie, the three images convey Skin Caviar’s covetable status, as each is “centralised around the striking and instantly recognisable pop of iconic cobalt blue”.

The collaboration follows the La Prairie Group’s global art exhibition, The Art of Caviar, in partnership Art Basel and five contemporary artists.

La Prairie Australia marketing coordinator Isabelle Cameron said the company chose to collaborate with Broadhurst as her “focus on femininity, escapism and luxury closely aligns with the La Prairie brand and our audacious vision (an endeavour in elevating skincare to art)”.

“In addition as this collaboration was created to be shared on social media, we chose an artist who has already successfully navigated this platform.

“Dina is as well known for creating striking images as she is for creating pieces that appear tailor-made for an increasingly Instagram-focused society.”

Meanwhile Greg Prodromides, La Prairie Group’s chief marketing officer, said the company was very excited about “this first-of-its-kind collaboration” that “perfectly embodies La Prairie’s intrinsic link with the world of art”.

The Art of Caviar exhibition (source: La Prairie)

“In using precious caviar in its formulations, La Prairie continues to break the codes of luxury skincare, just as these talented artists go beyond the limits of the imagination.

“And just as their works begin with an audacious vision, so too does every La Prairie creation.”

The five installations in the international exhibition are:

Living Cells (Paul Coudamy) – A geometric structure of lacquered steel and magnets, the piece’s form has been precisely defined through the Weaire-Phelan mathematical formula. “Shiny black magnetised marbles, reminiscent of caviar, colonise the structure in clusters, spreading out like a living entity over a static skeleton. The volume of the piece is in constant flux… and forever creating new, unique forms.”

Living Cells by Paul Coudamy (source: La Prairie)

Solid Frequencies (Paul Coudamy) – Taking its cue from the Kundt Tube, a scientific device that displays soundwaves in an air-filled transparent tube, this artwork is made up of glass, electronic sensors, a state-of-the-art sound system, metal and resin. When touched, the marbles in the glass tube generate three-dimensional shapes that flow back and forth.

Moving Pixels (Bonjour Lab) – “Interpreting the phenomenal lifting effect of La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Liquid Lift”, the digital installation features golden beads that “form a silhouette frozen in time and space for a brief moment resisting the immutable effect of time and gravity”.

Moving Pixels by Bonjour Lab (source: La Prairie)

Photographic Exhibition (Cinq Fruits) – Photographs illustrate “the scientific aesthetics of the iconic Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Luxe Cream Sheer”.

Audiovisual installation (TremensS) – Housed in a pitch-black room, the installation features a powerful laser that focuses on a vertical monolith while four video-projectors cast organically evolving visuals to “echo La Prairie’s advanced process of steam distillation to capture Caviar Water” used in La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion.

The exhibition, which has already travelled to Paris, New York and Hong Kong, will be on display in Shanghai next month.

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