Instagram’s new feature will change everything

Who hasn’t scrolled though Instagram, passed an envy-inducing photo and gone on a stalker-worthy rampage trying to find the products and people that created it? Social-savvy businesses will soon have another way to engage customers on Instagram, with the platform revealing plans to launch an in-app appointment booking function.

Not only does this mean you’ll find out where that blogger gets her lashes done, but you’ll also have another way to market your beauty business online. The feature will allow users to book appointments with businesses via their Instagram profile, with the option to be shown underneath the company’s bio.

It’s not clear when the function will come into play, with the Facebook-owned company using a blog post published late in March to announce the launch.

Instagram estimated late last year that it had over 600 million monthly active users and more than eight million business profiles that stimulated over 120 million individuals. Active monthly users have just tipped one million, with the photo sharing site predicting an increase thanks to the new feature.

Not only will the move encourage more businesses to advertise with the platform, but it will create direct competition for beauty booking apps such as Glamazon, LUXit, Vaniday and more.

While it’s unlikely Instagram could ever replace the humble website, this new development will help subject matter experts turn clicks into money thanks a compelling content.

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