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Nestled amongst the bridal boutiques and heritage buildings of Armadale’s High Street, House of Maxx isn’t just your ordinary suburban salon. While the interior is opulently luxurious in the way Melbourne does so well (think timber fireplaces, velvet fabrics and hints of gold and black), it’s the theory behind the practice that persuades clients to travel nearly two hours for a treatment. Professional Beauty sat down with Founder Makayla Herdman to discuss the art of enticement and why a holistic approach is essential.

Can you tell us a bit about House of Maxx?
House of Maxx is nestled amongst beautiful bridal stores along the famous High Street in Armadale.
This luxurious skin clinic pays focus to long term skin health, treating major skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema from the inside out with the help of Corneotherapists and a Health & Nutrition Advisor.

Using advanced technology to diagnose, prescribe and treat whilst also having the freedom and ability to customise each client’s products and treatments, House of Maxx helps you achieve the most out of your skin.

What was the inspiration behind House of Maxx?
I grew up with severe gut conditions, so through many years of experimenting and treating myself, I began to notice similar gut/skin patterns present themselves in my client’s skin and started to explore the world of the skin and gut connection.

Tell me about House of Maxx’s focus on the health of client’s skin internally and externally?
This technique is really important to House of Maxx because we believe that you can only get so many results with your skin from just using skin care, especially when you have had ongoing skin issues.

The skin is one of the largest organs in our body and it’s the only one we can see with our eyes. When something is going on internally, the body talks to us through our skin.

For example, if your suffer from cystic break outs around your jaw line this is a high indication that there is something going on with your hormones and quite often is relate to PCOS, thus your skin is mirroring internal cysts with external cysts.

We provide great support and encourage our clients to contact us as often as they need to answer any questions or just to keep motivation up while in the transition phase.

What has the local reception been like to House of Maxx?
Melbournians seemed to have been waiting for someone to piece together the skin and gut connection in one service. We’re seeing clients travel up to two hours to visit us and word has been quickly spreading.

House of Maxx clients are dedicated and devoted to implementing change to their lifestyle in order to see great results, and lifelong relationships are definitely being formed.

What are some of the most popular services and treatments?
The 60 minute treatment is always a good start for someone new to House of Maxx, and allows plenty of time to do a proper consultation, prescription and treatment.

Having said that, all treatments at House of Maxx are 100% custom designed for each client on the day.

What are House of Maxx’s plans for 2017 and beyond?
Our clients are our biggest driver, we will continue to listen to what they need and grow accordingly.

For more information on House of Maxx, visit their website here.


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