Get Threaded Staff Rewards Nights

The Top Ryde, Blacktown and Metcentre Get Threaded teams were recently rewarded with a staff night out – part of a rewards program created by Get Threaded founder Liz See.

The Blacktown team

As a part of the Get Threaded franchise, the franchisees are encouraged to adopt a Staff Rewards Program that treats the team to a night out when certain goals are met. The franchisees and their team will set a goal together and agree on an award once that goal is met.

top ryde
The Top Ryde City team

“This program is based around how we believe that we achieve more as a group than alone. Teams are allowed to choose whatever they want as the reward – we’ve had everything from movie nights to dessert nights. All the rewards nights vary depending on what the franchise and their staff would like to do together as a team,” said Liz See, founder of Get Threaded.

Most recently, the Top Ryde City team were treated to a night at the movies, the Blacktown team enjoyed a Mexican dinner and the Metcentre team were entertained by belly dancers over dinner.

“The staff always look forward to rewards nights as it gives them an opportunity to bond outside of work and build strong relationships and team spirit. Each night is picked by the team and they work very hard to reach their goal and celebrate together,” Liz said.

The Metcentre team

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