Unravelling Secrets of the Skin

Ashleigh Sharman discovers what the new dermo-cosmetics branch means for Payot Paris Laboratories.

2A dedicated team of 60 experts, bringing together dermatologists, pharmacists, chemists and galenic technicians, biotechnologists, skin biologists and clinical researchers, are driving the Payot brand ever forward. And it is this combination of talents that is at the heart of Payot’s new advanced research and development centre — the dermo-cosmetics branch.

“These 60 scientists want to be world class, not only producing the best technology but to encapsulate it within a sensorial experience. Fragrance is key, alongside colour, with six scientists dedicated to this area to ensure we deliver a Payot salon signature. Payot are working on these aspects to the depths of no other skincare brand before them,” says Clive Smith, managing director Payot Australia.

This branch’s aim then is, through research, to develop products that meet the concerns and needs of Payot users worldwide whilst also being a feast for the senses.

“This is a real commitment to our salons and their clients. We acknowledge that the biggest business in the world is the fragrance industry. Now we’re taking note and asking how we make someone feel to truly enhance the Payot experience and its results. If we can achieve a positive sensorial atmosphere then we will see increase return purchase of treatments and products in salon,” Clive adds.

Importantly, each stage in product development at the dermo-cosmetics branch is subject to a quality charter and strict controls based on a pillar of three commitments.

These three commitments are:

One – Commitment to Effectiveness:
Claims on Payot products are proven by clinical tests or observation under dermatological control.

Two – Commitment to Tolerance:
All products are formulated with ingredients that have been rigorously selected using toxicological expertise and tested under conditions of usage to guarantee the highest levels of tolerance.

Three – Commitment to Seduction:
All products are developed to offer pleasure and exceptional quality with comfortable textures with meticulously developed galenic formulas combined with a pleasant, subtle fragrance to ensure they are enjoyable to use.

The late Dr Nadia Payot believed that her products should not only look after the skin but also the soul. The dermo-cosmetics branch delivers on both fronts for Payot — where the best of research meets sensorial personality plus.

For more information on Payot call 1300 367 969 or visit www.payot.com

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