How to Choose a Skincare Range

Suzie Hoitink delivers her top five tips on how to choose the right skincare range for your salon or clinic.


1. Choose a skin care range which has a proven track record. Ensure that the products within the skincare range actually do what they say they will. These findings should be verified with clinical research and testing.

Suzie Hoitink
Suzie Hoitink

2. The chosen skincare company should have the same ethical principles and philosophies as your own. For example, does your company believe in only organic products which are paraben and preservative free? Or those which are not tested on animals?

3. Stock a variety of skincare ranges so that your clients skincare regimen can be tailored. This is specifically important for treating certain skin conditions such as Rosacea.

4. The chosen skincare range should have a variety of active ingredients; essential for skin care health. They should also have a proven delivery system so that the skin absorbs all of the vital ingredients.

5. Whichever skincare range is chosen for your company; confirm that the program is easy for the client to follow. This will ensure that the client is compliant with using their products, and that the best possible result is seen. If the product has proven efficacy for the client, they will remain loyal to the chosen brand.

Suzie Hoitink is a registered nurse and founder of Clear Complexions Clinics, for more information visit

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