Dermaviduals Training Calendar

Throughout the year Dermaviduals will be running a wide range of education training courses including Dermaviduals Introduction, Derma CIT Training and Florence Barrett-Hill classes.

82859804Dermaviduals Introduction is a 2-day intensive workshop that runs regularly on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30-4:30 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand. Regional locations can also be arranged.

On day 1 of the training students will be introduced to the concept for corneotherapy and the complete Dermaviduals basic, modular and specialist product range. This class will cover theoretical knowledge on cosmetic chemistry, skin physiology, formulation delivery systems and corneoceutical ingredients.

Day 2 will be packed with hands-on practical education. Starting with an overview of the day before, students will then watch a diagnostic skin consultation process that involves live interactive discussions of skin conditions and the unique Dermaviduals prescription process. This day also includes treatment demonstration, practical product application and a short quiz at the end.

NSW: March 31-April 1, May 26-27, August 18-19, October 20-21
VIC: February 10-11, April 7-8, June 2-3, August 25-26, October 27-28
QLD: March 17-18
SA/WA: May 12-13

Derma CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) Training is a 1-day intensive workshop on dermal needling from 9:30-4:30. This training day covers rollers and electronic devices as well as the science behind skin rejuvenation and wound healing. Live demonstrations of skin needling will be performed.

NSW: April 2, May 28, August 20, October 22
VIC: February 12, April 9, June 4, August 27, October 29
SA/WA: May 14

Florence Barrett-Hill Classes will be held throughout the year. Florence is an international dermal science educator, practitioner, researcher and author. She will be hosting training classes exclusive to Dermaviduals.

Date (more to be released):
NSW: August 26-28

For more information contact Derma Aesthetics 1300 420 223 

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