5 Genius Hacks For A Scream-Free Brazilian Wax

A hair-free bikini region without pain and suffering? It is possible. 

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Brazilian waxes have been known to put tears in the eyes of even the most hardened salon clients, and let’s face it, who does’t know at least a dozen clients who’d put Steve Carrell’s 40 Year Old Virgin character to shame?

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Thankfully, there are a few foolproof tricks to dramatically reduce the pain factor for your more, er, ‘sensitive’ clients…

1. The lead-up

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When your client calls to book their Brazilian wax, give them a few basic preparation tips to reduce discomfort on the day. If they’re nervous about the ouch-factor, tell them to avoid coffee on the morning of their appointment as caffeine can make the skin more sensitive, and if possible, advise them to schedule after a menstrual period, which can also intensify skin sensitivity. Finally, reassure them that despite what they’ve seen in movies, the procedure will be quick and relatively pain free in your professional hands.

2. Prep it

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One of the best ways to reduce waxing pain is to thoroughly prep the skin before wax application. A hygienic cooling solution is ideal for gently sterilising the skin and providing soothing ingredients like calming peppermint and aloe to prep the skin for that first rip.

3. The right stuff

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At the end of the day, the greatest determining factor in whether or not your client screams expletives on your treatment table is the wax you use. Some waxes can pull at the skin, encouraging micro-tears, inflammation and general ouchy-ness for your client. If you’re looking to dramatically lessen discomfort for your client, opt for a low-temperature wax containing titanium dioxide, which will actively reduce redness and irritation to the skin.

4. Breathe

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For first-timers and especially anxious clients, a breathing ritual is a must. Advise your client to concentrate on the ceiling (or better still, the music or TV screen if you have one in the room) and breathe out for three counts, making your move on the second count. Focused slow breathing has been shown to dramatically cut down on pain sensation in multiple studies, thanks to the fact it promotes muscle relaxation. To up their inner omm, try a spray with a quick drying wax mist to add a refreshing ambiance to the treatment.

5. Leave them soothed

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Once the hair is gone, reach for a post-waxing solution containing calming agents to leave your client feeling relaxed. To cut down on the amount of additional friction to your client’s freshly waxed skin, opt for a dual-purpose soothing lotion that will calm the skin at the same time as clearing up any wax residue and preventing the formation of ingrown hairs.

Your pain-free waxing essentials

1.  Pre-Wax Skin Cleanser. 2. Brilliance White Wax. 3. Quick-Dry Wax Mist. 4. After Wax Soothing Lotion. Contact Caronlab for stockist details.


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