5 Beauty Looks and Routines Trending on TikTok Now

Social media platform, TikTok can serve as a valuable tool to inspire and educate both us and our clients. The platform is also considered undoubtedly controversial, with under qualified ‘experts’ providing insights to the unassuming masses into how products and services work.

Nevertheless, keeping abreast of trending topics is important for those in the trade, if for no other reason than to keep our clients better informed.

According to a study conducted by US lash brand, Lilac St., here are 5 beauty trends doing the rounds on TikTok now:

  1. Glass Skin – this trend may, in fact, be doing more good than harm for your clients. The term isn’t new, and has long been linked to the luminous complexions of our Korean neighbours. The goal is to achieve skin that is so clear, radiant and free of enlarged pores that it mimics ‘glass’. This is supposedly attained by multiple layers of uber-hydrating toners, serums and moisturising products. As much as we can get on board with a diligent skincare routine, it’s vital clients keep in mind that they’d be remiss to set such a high standard around what could be achievable for their unique skin.

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  1. Micro Beauty – at the time this study was conducted, ‘micro beauty’ and related terms had incurred over 13 million TikTok views. The idea behind the trend is to embrace short hair, short nails, and short makeup routines with the aim of achieving an effortless look. Given micro beauty’s older sister ‘French Girl Beauty’ is seemingly timeless, will this new phrase catch on for long?
  1. Latte Makeup – speaking of makeup, and #lattemakeup is going strong surpassing 20 million TikTok views to date. Celebrities Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez are considered early adopters of the trend that promotes a modern, ‘sun-kissed’ look. It’s all about pairing neutral brows with glossy highlights. The millennial and boomer makeup artists among us will know this pairing well, having donned this look for many clients as far back as the 1990s (albeit, with thinner sets of eyebrows!)
  1. Face Yoga – looking back now at solutions for the skin, Face Yoga has been popularised as the next anti-ager. The premise behind the trend suggests practicing facial exercises promotes younger looking skin, especially in comparison to topical anti-aging products. Conducting face yoga will allegedly tone and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and promote a glowing complexion. Don’t get us wrong! Lymphatic massage techniques are worth implementing into any facial service or at-home routine. Replacing topicals with massage entirely, however, is a far more left-of-field philosophy. 

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  1. Glossy Lips – speaking of Y2K beauty trends, glossy lips are making a comeback. Tutorials, product recommendations and discussions have generated 7 million TikTok views of late. Donning a high-shine gloss is considered the ‘boujee’ choice when compared to a matte alternative. Advice on the trend has centered around application, with beauty gurus suggesting users elect the right shade and formula based on their skin tone and lip shape. Now, that is useful.

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