dermaviduals’ skin identical cleanser

The DMS Cleansing Milk is a gentle skin identical cleanser. It is free of tenside components and its composition is similar to the DMS Base Creams which means that the Cleansing Milk is a product for care, skin correction and cleansing in one.

The Corneotherapeutic principal is to use ingredients that mimic skin cells, structure and function. “Therefore, by using substances similar to skin constituents (found in DMS Cleansing Milk) that make up the acid mantle, the lamellae lipids and corneocyte, the barrier defense becomes stronger and TEWL is reduced. Similar to the skin barrier layers, barrier-active skin care creams contain triglycerides, squalane, phytosterols, phosphatidylcholine and ceramides as well as moisturising substances. A major prerequisite is, that these substances are contained in physiologically well-balanced quantities. Under these circumstances, they are able to exactly copy the physical properties of the bi-layer structure of the skin barrier” – Florence Barrett Hill.

The specific composition of physiological lipids and membrane technology allows our DMS Cleansing Milk to mimic the structure of the skin. It protects and replenishes the acid mantle, hydrates and restores the skins barrier and allows for better penetration of active ingredients. The DMS Cleansing Milk is a gentle skin identical cleanser free of harsh surfactants. All of this in your cleanser; what more can you ask for?

Key benefits of DMS Cleansing Milk include:

– A softening cleansing solution that cares for dry and sensitive skin

– Derma Membrane Structure mimics the structure and function of the skin

– Supports the protective skin barrier and repairs barrier deficiencies

– Nourishing, smoothing and repairing

– Easily removes pollutants and makeup without irritation

– Can be used with or without water

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