QUESTION: What measures should a beauty business instigate now in order to be best prepared for the challenges beyond 2020?

This was the third of six questions discussed in depth at the 11th Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable, where suppliers and salon professionals got together at Bel & Brio, Barangaroo, to talk all things business related.

Our group of experts included Heather Harrison from Advanced Skin Technology, Kaye Scott from The Clinic, Mathew Green from Candela Medical, Lee Tan from Groom Laser & Skin Clinic, Michelle Doherty from Alpha-H, and Leeanne Leslie from Alpha-H Skin Clinic.

Our panel agreed that CEOs had to ensure the company stayed true to the brand’s values, but was quick to adapt to the ever-changing market in order to stay relevant.

Kaye Scott from The CIinic said they were going to employ a digital marketing manager to really focus on the online business, as well as looking at podcasting and creating more of their own video content to share on social media.

Heather Harrison from Advanced Skin Technology said the company was keeping their mind on what they were doing to the environment, what they were doing to people, and how they could get the best results through all of that.

Leeanne Leslie from Alpha-H Skin Clinic said future gazing was to accept that the beauty industry platform was changing, and that it was an ever-changing landscape.

“You have to be aware of all the different aspects of it and make sure that your business keeps its identity but is open to change,” she said.

Michelle Doherty from Alpha-H said it was really important for them as a manufacturer to ensure that their customers came on the journey with sustainability and diversity within their organisation. “We’ve also just implemented recyclable packaging,” she said.

“It’s very costly, but it’s going to help the environment and future generations so we’re happy making that investment.”

Mathew Green from Candela Medical said you had to diversify and make sure there were as many revenue streams as possible. He said you also had to be open to change and embrace quality in everything that you did.

“Buy quality equipment and invest in high quality staff,” he said.

Lee Tan from Groom Laser & Skin Clinic said technology was the way forward for her business, which meant purchasing high quality equipment like laser devices.

Watch the video below for the full discussion.

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