Selling your salon: a guide

Selling a salon for the maximum price to the right purchaser, on the right terms, can be a mammoth task, even for the initiated. Some aspects are simpler to identify, such as the value of machinery or real estate. Others, such as your good will and clientele, can be trickier. If the time has come […]

Get more publicity for your salon

It can be frustrating to see other salons featured in the glossy pages of magazines and on beauty websites, while yours goes unnoticed by the media. There’s always the option to pay a public relations firm to get your business front and centre, but not every salon owner has that sort of budget to spend.  […]

The new rules of customer engagement

We live in an era of complete accessibility. And as a result, clients expect to be able to speak with businesses as easily as they do with friends and family. They want a personalised experience, to feel valued and to know that businesses are willing to be flexible to enhance the client experience. The contact […]

The apps your business needs

If you’re still relying on a paper-and-pencil booking system for your salon or clinic, it could be time to consider app-based scheduling software. If that sounds intimidating, stay with us – it’s simpler than it sounds. We’ve gathered five of the most user-friendly, effective scheduling apps that not only take the admin out of booking […]

Cut costs without losing staff

When the going gets tough, many business owners fear that the most effective way to cut costs in a salon or clinic is to reduce head count. But there are other options to explore before you head down that path. Often, the some big savings are overlooked because business owners simply don’t feel the such […]

Kim Kardashian West sues cosmetic surgeon

When a celebrity or influencer undergoes a cosmetic procedure, it can be tempting for a salon offering the same treatment to utilise the handy publicity. When that celebrity is Kim Kardashian West, and she has 156 million Instagram followers, it seems like a no-brainer to use that publicity to your advantage, right? Think again. The […]

How to survive a quiet January

It’s a story salon owners know well: it’s practically impossible to keep up with demand in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year, but when January rolls around, the days are quiet and long, and the cash register can be eerily silent. While clients spend up big on pre-Christmas facials and New Year’s hair removal, […]

Upskilling for beauty graduates

With an estimated 50,000 high school graduates looking to train in the beauty industry in the coming year, research shows that salon owners are looking to employ graduates who are not only well-versed in beauty skills, but also have a fundamental understanding of how business works. “I think it is important for all new therapists to […]

Create a positive employee experience

Forget about employee engagement. The buzz words being thrown around by HR directors are ‘employee experience’ and it’s about more than shoving some free biccies and a bowl of fruit in the tea room. While perks (such as said biccies and fruit) are nice, and can make employees happy for a while, they’re generally short-term […]

‘Wellness tourism’ hits Australia

It used to be that “wellness tourism” was mostly associated with Thailand, Bali and Malaysia – beautiful locations where treatments are comparatively less expensive than tourists’ home countries. According to recent statistics released by The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), global wellness tourism is on the rise, and Australia is set to claim its share. While […]

Daniel Isaacs: The winning formula

There is a delicate science to getting skincare to perform. The Director of Research of Medik8, Daniel Isaacs jetted into Australia recently and revealed to Anita Quade how his chemistry degree led him to research breakthroughs in beauty.   You completed a chemistry degree at Leeds University and then went into researching skin biochemistry and […]

Fail-proof your start-up

It can often seem like a natural progression to go from salon or clinic employee, to running the show in your own business. And while your talent, skills and abilities that you honed while you were on someone else’s payroll are sure to go with you into your own salon, there is a minefield of […]

WA salons caught underpaying staff

A government-led compliance campaign has been carried out, focused on small businesses in the nail and beauty industry in Western Australia. As part of the compliance campaign, 50 nail and beauty salons had their employment records analysed by industrial inspectors to ensure that employees were being paid correctly and that the mandatory employment records were […]

Solaire wins ‘Best Spray Tan Brand’

Solaire Spray Tan Solutions has bagged the ‘Best Spray Tan Brand’ at the 2019 Luxlife Awards, beating out dozens of competitors. Citing an impressive list of tanning-industry innovations – including the use of true bases and its flawless and faultless results – Solaire cemented its place as the premier spray tan manufacturer in the country. […]

Genuine friends more powerful than social influencers

Choosing a salon or clinic is a highly personal decision. It’s a commitment to be vulnerable and to invest heavily in the services of the technicians employed there. And once a consumer makes that decision, it is usually enduring. A recent UK survey revealed that over half of the individuals taking part (53%) were anxious […]

MyBeautyBrand set to disrupt the industry

The age of the influencer is over. At least, that’s what Robin Derrick, creator and founder of MyBeautyBrand says. “The world dearly loves a cage and being told what to do,” he explains. “Self-expression and freedom through communication and social media has quickly become top-down, whether that’s brands or influencers paid by brands. It’s lost […]


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