We talk to Natalia Pchelina, founder & CEO of Beauro, an online booking platform for beauty salons, her top tips on how to run a successful business, and how this user-friendly app will help keep your clients loyal.  



In a sentence or two, what is Beauro?

Beauro is a platform that allows salons to reach and better serve new customers, while making it easy for customers to find salons that suit their preferences and book appointments in the blink of an eye. Beauty salon businesses can list their venues for free and customers can find, book and pay for their appointments at our listed salons via the app.

When did it launch?

Beauro first soft-launched in November 2015. Having tested and polished the product based on the salon and customer feedback, we launched a revamped version of the app in July this year.

Where did the idea come from? 

I first came up with the idea for Beauro almost 2 years ago and it was born, as many ideas, out of necessity. As a customer, I wanted an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform to browse quality salons and instantly book treatments without having to pick up the phone. I couldn’t see why, in a world where practically everyone owns a smartphone and virtually anything can be accessed online, there wasn’t a hassle-free solution to finding and booking hair and beauty services. I then quickly realised all the benefits such an aggregate platform could offer to salons and spas, and thus Beauro was born.


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What is your background?

I have graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Finance & Marketing. All my work experience has been mainly in marketing in the fashion and beauty industries.

What type of salon business is Beauro great for?  

Beauro is great for any salon in the hair, beauty and wellness industry that is looking to reach new clients and keep them coming back. Historically, one of the biggest issues hair and beauty salons face is attracting new, loyal customers on an ongoing basis. Their exposure is generally limited to foot traffic and word of mouth, forcing them to turn to costly advertising options. The beauty of Beauro is that the salon gets exposed to thousands of customers completely for free, only paying a small commission fee when Beauro actually generate a new customer for the salon.

What are three capabilities of Beauro that will change a beauty therapist’s world?

Beauro offers beauty therapists and salons an opportunity to be exposed at once to thousands of potential customers who are looking specifically for your services. Beauro allows customers to requests appointments 24/7, essentially working as your round-the-clock receptionist, so you don’t miss a single booking. We also have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which allows us to reduce thousands of dollars salons lose in no-shows and last-minute cancelled appointments.

How easy is it for a business to get on board? What are the fees? 

It is extremely easy for a business to jump on board. We take charge of all the initial set up hassle and walk you through how it works one-on-one. There are no fees involved with the on-boarding process and we don’t charge any subscription fees. It is forever free to be a part of the app, the salon only pays a small commission fee when we actually generate a new customer for them. We also offer a one month free trial.

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What is unique about this booking app?

We are unique in that we only feature salons that provide outstanding quality of services, which means the salons are always going to be featured alongside fellow reputable businesses. We also don’t ask salons to switch from their current booking management software provider – Beauro runs alongside it as a complimentary service. We are not big fans of mindless discounting and are all about attracting clients who will keep coming back.

What are the opportunities for salon businesses?

Salons get an opportunity to market their business for free – not only to our direct audience within the app, but also to a combined audiences of more than 1.5 million people throughout our distribution partners. Customers love using Beauro; it is convenient and there isn’t the hassle of calling. We also send reminders when they are due for their next appointment, which keeps them coming back.

What are your three top tips for running a successful business?

Listen to your customers, be able to quickly adapt to their needs and the ever-changing market environment. Have a strong team that shares your values. Focus on your vision and persevere.

What has been the feedback from salon owners so far?

The feedback so far has been great! The things that salons love about us is how straight forward our system is and that we take care of the setup process so they don’t have to take their attention off running their business. Many salons have gained loyal, returning customers through Beauro. We are always listening and asking our salon partners for feedback and keep improving the app on a daily basis to serve them better.