Light Years Skin Studio Is Putting LED at the Forefront

Light Years Skin Studio is a South East Queensland salon that offers revolutionary LED light therapy designed to leave clients feeling rejuvenated. Shania OBrien spoke to Co-Founder Megan Jurisich about the salon’s inception and future.

The Salon’s Inception

Megan Jurisich, Katrina Sly, and Angie Tocco founded Light Years Skin Studio in early 2020. The space offers high-performative 15 to 30-minute rapid treatments at affordable prices.

The skin studio operates on The Gold Coast and uses LED to offer modern, refreshing, and uplifting micro-treatments.

All three founders have decades of experience, but the skin studio came to fruition in the aftermath of Megan’s unfortunate diagnosis.

“I was the recipient of a very unwelcome gift around the time of my 43rd birthday; but it brought me to LED light therapy. I needed to have a basal cell carcinoma cut out of my face which ended up leaving severe scarring,” she said.

Megan’s skin cancer removal surgery was supposed to be minor and unobtrusive, but the reality of her situation shocked her. 

“My skin cancer wasn’t particularly large, but it was in an awkward position, and [the plastic surgeon assured me the procedure would be easy] … but when I finally looked in the mirror, I had about an inch of my head shaved, spanning half my scalp. There were about thirty Frankenstein-esque stitches across my face. Big, black, schlock-horror movie stitches. Nobody had even warned me of this!”

Megan Jurisich, Katrina Sly, and Angie Tocco founded Light Years Skin Studio in early 2020.

LED Light Therapy

Megan then began to do her own research into how she could best assist the healing process and minimise the disfigurement on her face. A friend suggested she try LED light therapy, and told her that if she used it consistently it had the potential to reduce scarring.

“Within days, I noticed it had started to heal. I quickly became obsessed with this technology and poured my energy into learning more. I am now an expert on [all things LED light therapy]. There was a definite gap in the market of LED light therapy as an add on to other treatments. The cumulative benefit of this amazing technology was being overlooked!” 

“Light Years has launched a unique subscription model to offer unlimited use of LED Light Therapy at an affordable price,” she said. “Customers can use the studio as many times as they like from just $55 per week. The membership also comes with significant discounts on the other advanced skin treatments available and products.”

Light Years’ concept evolved from offering high performance skin treatments from skin bars around the world, to a subscription model that offers unlimited use of LED Light Therapy at an affordable price.

The skin studio uses the medical grade Lutronic Healite II LED system due to the device’s design, effectiveness, and proven clinical results. “We offer two targeted wavelengths, 415nm blue light for effective treatment of acne, blemished-prone skin; and also a combination of 590nm yellow light/830nm near infrared to target to wound healing, hydration, and pain management. It also works to stimulate collagen and elastin production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

The Space

The salon has a high performance skin treatment room and three custom-built LED Light Therapy cocoons. The in-studio atmosphere is relaxed and warm, a calm ambiance to complement the stunning micro-retreat space. 

“We chose a minimalist design that is consistent with our approach to treatments — no fuss and practical. The design has an inclusive feel but still maintains privacy. Above all, we wanted something that we would love visiting ourselves,” said Megan. 

Light Years also won the Loop Design Awards ‘Interior Spa & Fitness’ Award in 2021.

The skin studio operates in the Gold Coast and uses LED Light to offer modern, refreshing and uplifting micro-treatments.

Medik8, Mesoestetic, Vita-Sol

The founders carefully selected cosmeceutical brands which reflected their sustainable ethos; and also offered advanced formulations to support their in-studio treatments and provide effective home care skin solutions for all skin concerns.

“We recommend British range Medik8, Spanish range mesoestetic, and have also formulated a personalised range of Light Years skincare and handcrafted mineral makeup made in Italy. We also offer Vita-Sol wholefood ingestibles to offer nutritional support for improved gut health and anti-ageing.”

The salon has a high performance skin treatment room and three custom-built LED Light Therapy cocoons.

Operating during the pandemic and the future

And while opening and operating their business during the pandemic was challenging, Light Years is set on doing the best they can for their clients in the future. “[2020 was hard]; shop fit-outs, recruiting, and the uncertainty with illness and lockdowns wasn’t always fun. But we have the right team and managed to open another studio in Woolloongabba, Brisbane within a year of our first studio becoming operational.” 

“Post pandemic we recognise our clients not only enjoy regular studio visits for skin results but also appreciate time out and personal connection with our teams — which is what we hope to achieve.”

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