How I Got Here: SkinMTX Regional Training Manager Vivian Foo

Vivian Foo, SkinMTX Regional Training Manager chats to Anita Quade about her skincare journey and the lessons she has learnt. 

Vivian Foo, you have been in the skincare and beauty industry for 20 years – tell us what initially drew you to this?

“I used to have acne when I was a teenager, and that gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of having a good skincare routine. I developed my passion even further when I realised I could help people, make a difference to those who went through the similar challenges as I did and help rebuild their confidence. And of course, skills never go to waste!” 

Tell us how you became the SkinMTX Regional Training Manager? 

“Most of my experience has been within the beauty industry and have been exclusively skin-focused. I’ve always been extremely passionate about training and education, and SkinMTX has been one of the companies that I’ve been eyeing. It’s not only an innovative skincare line but also a great place to work and grow.”

Any stand-out moments that you can share across your career journey? 

“I previously worked with a few different charity organisations to host beauty workshops and raise funds. It was a very rewarding and eye-opening experience, realising that there are numerous ways to contribute back to society.” 

Vivian Foo, SkinMTX Regional Training Manager

What is one of your favourite parts of your role with SkinMTX? 

“It’s exciting being part of a company that is constantly innovating and always coming up with new ways to improve skincare routines and overcome skincare challenges, which fits beautifully with my passion!” 

You have worked with some of the world’s leading beauty brands including Dermalogica and L’Oreal any major lessons that you have learnt along the way? 

“I’ve learnt to say yes to opportunities, even when there were times I felt like I had bigger shoes to fill, I will just grab it, go with it, and work it out along the way!” 

How has the skincare and beauty industry changed during the past two decades? 

“A lot! People are more aware of the products they are applying onto their skin, they are looking for more reliable and more effective ingredients with useful properties. Skincare technology has also evolved – digitisation and the power of social connection definitely play a big role in impacting the changes of the skincare industry.” 

Tell us about the SkinMTX range? 

“SkinMTX was designed for aesthetic businesses that aim to provide 360-degree solutions to patients. Our extensive range of in-clinic treatments complements aesthetic procedures and can be integrated as part of a pre-procedure and post-care regimen. 

SkinMTX range is categorised by colours for easy identification. We have multiple solutions for every skin need, including anti-ageing & youth maintenance (orange), pigment & spot concerns (blue), oily & blemish-prone skin (green) as well as an extensive range of special care (purple) that encompasses suncare, eyecare and specialised serums and creams harnessing the latest technologies in skincare. SkinMTX also has the Dermat range, specially designed for the delicate needs for effective post-procedure care.” 

SkinMTX Special Care Range

What makes this a standout in the market? 

“As a dermatological-grade skincare brand, we strive to constantly come up with innovative formulations with proven, sustainable results. Each and every product and treatment is meticulously formulated to deliver optimal efficacy with superior reliability.” 

How important is client satisfaction for the brand? 

“We understand that patient satisfaction is key and at SkinMTX, we focus to constantly innovate, ensuring our aesthetic partners have the best formulations available to fulfil the rapidly changing needs of the consumer. 

The result is unrivalled potency that matches up to the exacting standards of aesthetic and dermatological care, which is why it is trusted by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, and medi-spas around the world.” 

SkinMTX TeloZyme Youth Activator was awarded the title of 2021 Beauty Insider Best in Anti-Ageing. This multifaceted serum, based on the Nobel prize-winning discovery of telomeres, has been specially formulated to target the integrity of telomeres for younger looking skin. That must have been a proud moment? 

“Yes! Winning this award is definitely a proud moment for us. While this has been a bestselling signature formulation, receiving acknowledgement from industry professionals is exciting recognition. At SkinMTX, we always strive to incorporate the latest innovations in our formulas and exceed the expectations of our users, and this award has spurred us on to continue with our efforts!” 

Tell us about how you educate clients on the product and its performance? 

“We have training materials, videos, product summary, etc to help our clients understand our product features easily. I always emphasise to my clients that it is important to know our products – from the texture to the ingredients and functions, so that they are able to adequately guide and to focus on educating the patients to achieve their skincare goals.” 

SkinMTX Blemish-Proof Range

During lockdown how did you find this educational structure changed (ie: online) – and do you feel people are looking forward now to more hands on training? 

“Most industries have had to adapt to the “new norm”. Although meeting people face to face is more fun, there are some certain advantages of virtual learning– cost and time effectiveness, interaction at any time anywhere, and we can always use live stream video for the clients to learn at their comfortable pace and space.” 

What are your plans for 2022 in your role? 

“Supporting our clients will continue to be the highest priority. And not forgetting our lovely SkinMTX team members, we will always collaborate with them to achieve the brand objective and service expectations.” 

Any plans for the brand that you can share? 

“Vitamin C is one of the most popular ingredients to help improve skin radiance, yet its stability and bioavailability is often a concern when developing formulations. We’re expecting a great leap in innovation for Vitamin C in 2022 – a technology that is clinically tested, stabilised and optimised for on-demand release. Plus it does not require high dosage to deliver maximum results, thus minimising unwanted skin reactions. 

Advancements in home-care aesthetic solutions designed to prolong the effects of aesthetic treatments, such as at-home chemical peel that is gentle enough to be used daily, yet produces amazing skin refining and restoration results.”

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2022 issue of Professional Beauty.

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