Aussie Beauty Heroes: Krystah Ranson of The Boutique of Holistic Beauty talks owning a micro business in a pandemic

Krystah Ranson’s passion is, for lack of a less-loaded term, clean beauty, so much so that she created The Boutique of Holistic Beauty to offer the clean beauty treatments with brands she trusts, like Beauty Tofu and O Cosmedics. The thing is, she created her business in the eye of the pandemic storm in Australia, setting up an instantly popular micro business operating from the beauty co-working space Salon Lane in Surry Hills. Her status as a new business meant government funding was hard to come by at first, with a lack of financial history. Although, in New South Wales, many salons are re-opening for business today, we still talk to Krystah about what her journey has a new beauty business owner has been like.

PB: How has this lockdown been different, if at all, from the other ones?

“For me this is my businesses first lockdown as I only opened my skin studio in February so navigating it for the first time has been a challenge. This lockdown feels a lot more intense and uncertain than previous ones.”

PB: How are you surviving financially, if you don’t mind us asking? Is the government aid helping? Is there something else you wish was provided?

“As a new small business my business isn’t eligible currently for any of the grants which does make the financial side of things more of a struggle. It has been lucky that I am still able to operate through zoom skin consultations and e-commerce of skin products during this time.”

PB: How has your business been affected?

“My business has been affected in every way, loss in revenue, continuously having to cancel/reschedule bookings due to uncertainty. I think like most other skin clinics we rely on building touch and connection with our clients so its tough missing out on that right now.” 

PB: How do you see our industry coming out of this? Better, worse, the same? And why?

“I do worry for our industry coming out of this but I have hope and something I have found is that the beauty industry as a community has become so supportive of each other, building eachother up and creating a space to open up and relate to the struggles we face in the lockdown. I’d like to think we come out better as our clients value the connection they make with their therapist in salon.” 

PB: Do you think the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry has been given proper consideration through this pandemic? Yes or no and why/why not?

“While I am unable to work with clients in person, I have been able to spend time following up with my clients and taking extra time to discuss results and treatment plans. I have had the time to tweak my treatment menu and add some new express facial options for when we re-open, and  taken the time to connect virtually online through Instagram.”

How you are you working on your business while you can’t work with clients?

“My e-commerce revenue has been higher than ever since clients aren’t physically able to collect product in salon. Adding virtual consultations to my services has been great too.”

PB: In what ways do you think our industry has fared compared to others?

“I think our industry has been overlooked during this pandemic. For me I believe we are so important as we build our clients confidence, skin health, and overall well-being. We are more than just superficial beauty treatments.” 

PB: What are your plans for safeguarding your business when the pandemic ends?

“When the pandemic ends my priority is to get my dedicated clients back on track with their skin journeys and treatment plans. I have always stressed the importance of correct home care products to my clients and e-commerce is luckily something I can still offer during a pandemic.

I think that overall the pandemic is difficult for everyone, especially new, small businesses like myself that aren’t eligible for much support. All we can do is our best at this time and take it as an opportunity to better and grow our businesses.”

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