SkinMTX professional skincare, driven by Nobel-winning innovations, finally lands on Australian shores



Made in Switzerland and Singapore, SkinMTX® is a dermatological-grade skincare brand formulated for proven, sustainable results. Driving innovations in aesthetic skincare for over two decades, SkinMTX® provides a range of in-clinic and home-care Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne, Skin Brightening and Special Care lines which deliver optimal efficacy with superior reliability. Formulated with clinically-proven actives that offer unrivalled potency, SkinMTX® provides fast, effective solutions that exceed the demanding standards of aesthetic and dermatological care.

Leveraging Swiss expertise in the field of skin treatment solutions, SkinMTX® uses topof the-range ingredients that deliver clinically-proven results. At the heart of every SkinMTX® product is years of dedicated laboratory research and testing. The proprietary formulations harness the power of scientifically researched actives to provide efficacious and visible improvements to skin problems.

We talk to Training Manager Vivian Foo who reveals what the clinical skincare brand is all about, and why Australian salons and clinics will be clamouring for it.

PB: Tell us what makes SkinMTX stand out from other professional skincare?

“SkinMTX formulations are formulated specifically for the aesthetic and dermatology market. The range is designed to especially target skin’s matrix, as highlighted in the name MTX. Carefully curated active ingredients help repair and restore the skin with formulations that focus on the deeper levels of the skin to help ensure effective and long-lasting improvements to the skin’s appearance.”

PB: What proprietary ingredients or technology do you use and why?

“SkinMTX formulations are driven by science, using advanced skincare ingredients that have been tested clinically as well as in laboratories. Each product is driven by the latest innovations in dermal research, packed with exciting actives such as signalling peptides, quantifiable stem cells, and Nobel prize-inspired technology in our signature formulations. The result is unrivalled potency and efficacy that live up to the demanding standards of aesthetic and dermatological skincare.”

PB: Tell us how SkinMTX came about? What’s the backstory?

“As the beauty industry grew, there was a growing demand for skincare products that give fast results. This led to the introduction of many skincare products that provided instant results but often at the expense of skin tolerance, resulting in adverse skin reactions and sensitivity. Hence, SkinMTX was created to fill this gap, balancing the need for efficacy and tolerance, delivering dermatological-grade skincare with minimal side effects. 

Along with the exponential growth of the aesthetic industry, SkinMTX continues to innovate and strives to design in-clinic and home care ranges that fit along perfectly into any results-focused aesthetic practice. SkinMTX has since been widely introduced in many countries and is a dermatologist-recommended brand.”

PB: Who created it and what was their call to action?

“SkinMTX was developed by a team of passionate industry professionals to bridge the market demand for effective, dermatological-grade skincare, without the side effects. It takes meticulous research and development to find the balance between achieving rapid results and maintaining skin tolerance levels – it is SkinMTX’s core philosophy to ensure that this is translated into all our products.”

PB: What are the hero products of the range and why?

“Thanks to the many years of intense research and development work, we have formulated a series of signature solutions for every skin need. Three popular formulations, are highlighted below out of the many available in our extensive range:

Skin Integrity: The TeloZyme range targets telomeres, key in helping prevent skin ageing. SkinMTX TeloZyme Youth Activator, recently awarded the title of 2021 Beauty Insider Best in Anti-Ageing, is a multi-faceted serum based on the Nobel Prize-winning research of telomere biology.

Retinol: With the increasing popularity of retinol in skincare products, we have launched the Intense RejuvorA Cream, a multi-encapsulated retinol cream that imparts stability and efficacy while helping minimise the risk of adverse reactions typically seen in traditional retinol-based formulations. 

Rejuvenation: The revolutionary Peptide Serum+ brings stem cell formulations to the next level – with the addition of quantifiable stem cells to ensure precisely dosed rejuvenation power into every ml. Combined with the power of advanced hydrating actives and biomimetic growth factors, this powerful combination is designed for use alongside in-clinic treatments, or even as intensive homecare.”

PB: What skin conditions are best addressed with the range?

“We have different ranges for different skin types and conditions. Skincare products should be selected to match skin type and address skin conditions. The professionals will carefully craft the right routine to suit the patient’s skin type, building a holistic skincare regimen that is complete from in-clinic to homecare.”

PB: Can you tell us a bit about its entry into the Australian market? _

“SkinMTX is an award-winning brand that’s trusted by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and medi-spas around the world. When we expand into new markets it’s important that we align ourselves with distributors that represent our brand philosophies. Advanced Cosmeceuticals provides the perfect fit as it is a company dedicated to representing high performance brands that are based on science and clinical research. Advanced Cosmeceuticals is also committed to working with brands on all levels from training, customer service, warehouse to marketing. A virtual launch event has been planned that will be run by Advanced Cosmeceuticals to introduce SkinMTX to the professional industry as well as both professional and consumer media.”

PB: What are the brands local plans?

“Advanced Cosmeceuticals is planning various virtual launch events to introduce SkinMTX to the Australian market. There is an event to launch the brand to the professional industry as it is available predominantly through clinics, as well as a virtual launch event to introduce the brand to both professional and consumer media. There are also other advertising and marketing strategies in place to promote the brand to the Australian market which will be mainly targeting the professional clinics to begin with and then of course, consumer media to build brand awareness.”

PB: How does the brand work with salon partners?

“SkinMTX our global approach to working with salon partners includes a comprehensive range of support tools from providing mono dose treatment packs, tester sizes, marketing tools such as P.O.S, and samples to comprehensive training programs and specialised BDM support. SkinMTX provides dermatological-grade products and treatments that are not only innovative but also offer proven results, and because they will be predominantly available via clinics only, this provides our salon partners with the added benefit of providing a personalised treatment regime for their clients that will be mutually beneficial.”

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