Helping women from welfare to work

An Australian owned and operated hair and beauty wholesaler held an event to support Dress For Success Sydney, a not-for-profit that helps women transition from welfare to work.

Beautopia Hair and Beauty held the event on the top floor of Wellington Studio 1 in Chippendale, which included breakfast followed a hair and makeup styling masterclass.

Stylists demonstrated quick and easy hair styles and makeup techniques to prepare for job interviews and life back in the work force.

We caught up with Jessica Dickinson from Beautopia Hair and Beauty who shared more on this great initiative with Professional Beauty:

Tell us about the Beautopia Charity Collab X Dress for Success?
“This collaboration was created in light of international Women’s Day/ Month, we believe women who are looking at rehabilitating themselves have the right to be celebrated for more than just one day. When we look into the hair and beauty industry we understand that as a hair and beauty company, we see the faces on Instagram and what society has deemed in the name of ‘beauty’ and we believe everyone has the right to feel confident and beautiful. Beautopia chose to create a hair and make-up workshop for Women facing challenging situations, to show them how easy these simple hair and make-up styles they see around can be to do themselves, and most importantly, that everyone can look and feel beautiful. The workshops were also created to give a step-by-step visual so these women can ask any questions, they may have about the tools used, techniques or how much or little they feel comfortable doing.”

Why is this beneficial for women trying to get back into the work force?
“It is so important to get women back into the work place as it gives women their own stability and confidence along with the opportunity to support themselves. Due to the challenging situations these women have faced or are facing it has a large effect on their confidence and self-worth. Running workshops like these creates an empowering and uplifting environment and community for Women and helps instil the confidence they are missing to feel good about themselves again, to allow them to find work, attend interviews etc.”

How did Beautopia get involved in the charity collaboration?
“We chose to get involved with this charity by simply reaching out, off the back of looking to partner with a charity for International Women’s Day. Dress for Success do amazing work and need businesses supporting their wonderful cause.”

Do you have any feedback from the women that attended the event?
“All the women where extremely happy with the event and many stayed to talk to us after to tell us how helpful the workshop was and even ask us for further make-up and hair tips. Three women who were styled also took selfies of themselves after the workshop, so they could fully capture they’re final look there were so pleased with. One woman, Jessica Hannah, even had a whole make-up and hair look completed after the show as she had an interview straight after our event.”

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