10 Brands on What to Expect From Beauty Expo Australia 2023

Industry leaders are set to showcase their innovations at Beauty Expo Australia, celebrating its 20-year anniversary. They chat with Anita Quade about their inspiring launches and what visitors can expect at the two-day extravaganza from 26-27th August 2023.

Tell us why you are showcasing at this year’s 2023 Beauty Expo?


“This year LYCON is switching things up! Our new bioceutical skincare range LYCON Skin is taking over our stand at this year’s expo. We recently launched nine new adaptive luxury skincare products, which will accompany the existing LYCON Skin range. This anti-ageing skincare collection combines ‘superhero’ ingredients, including Yeast Beta-Glucan, Hyaluronic Acid, Lime Caviar Extract and various Australian botanicals, in the Adaptive Skin Science technology, making LYCON Skin suitable and beneficial for all skin types and ages. We are excited to educate visitors about our new collection and why we think it’s a great fit for salons and spas, and client’s home use to achieve outstanding results.”


“RefectoCil is always evolving and expanding its offering and Beauty Expo Australia is the perfect opportunity for our users to experience our latest products first hand. Trade shows are an important opportunity for us to connect face to face with our users, listen to feedback and understand trends in the industry.

Speaking of trends, RefectoCil has recently launched a completely new lash and brow service – Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil with Intense Brow(n)s hybrid stain tints. At the Expo we’ll be demonstrating the new service and answering any questions about this innovative new way of lash and brow colouring. There will be a live demonstration of this service on the main stage on Sunday. When an attendee visits our stand, they we will welcomed with product knowledge, Expo exclusive pricing and promotions, free education and a chance to get a lash and brow treatment done on the spot!”

PAULINE VALLE, Creator, Ultraderm –

“The 2023 Beauty Expo will be the platform where we debut our new branding, new formulas, updated logo, tagline and packaging to the Australian Beauty industry. Ultraderm is a salon only cosmeceutical skin care range that delivers optimum results. Expo is an opportunity to strategically reposition ourselves in the market and expand our reach to a wider client base whilst maintaining our core values of offering a complete product range of active, in- salon professional and retail products for all skin types and conditions. Ultraderm prides ourselves in offering a value for money product range that is proudly Australian owned, operated and developed for our Australian climate and conditions.

We will showcase our newest addition, Mineral Daywear SPF 50 Sheer sunscreen. Attendees will also be able to try the products we have added the latest new to market active ingredients to. Additionally, the event provides us with a valuable opportunity to reconnect and strengthen our relationships with our existing Ultraderm salon partners. Through engaging with our current partners, we can deepen our connection and share the impressive results achieved with our new products.”

Why is it important to invest and be a part of this annual expo?

LEONIE CRANNEY, Marketing Manager ANZ, Timely –

“The Expo gives us a chance to show the industry what we can offer to really help drive growth in their business. There is TimelyPay, the truly seamless all-in-one solution that allows salons to get paid, fast- something we all need these days! We will be running demos on TimelyPay to show how it allows payments to be taken online and in-salon, without stress. It can protect against those costly no-shows, and because TimelyPay works hand-in-hand with Timely, there’s no room for error, end- of-day cash ups are a breeze and payments can be in the bank account as fast as the next working day!

At the Expo we’ll also be showcasing the latest addition to the Timely family, TimelyPay terminals, which help deliver a slick and professional checkout experience for clients. The TimelyPay terminal automatically displays the correct and final total with no danger of anyone accidentally typing in the wrong amount, which leaves salon staff free to focus on upselling or rebooking clients, ensuring that all- important client retention. Plus, when a salon uses a TimelyPay terminal, there is only one payment provider to deal with – us!

“Because TimelyPay and a TimelyPay terminals work together, the money the salon has made is available the very next business day,” says Nishant Agarwal from Smooth & Simple.”

MATHEW GREEN, Managing Director, Candela –

“The decision to showcase at the 2023 Beauty Expo stems from our recognition of its significance within the aesthetic industry. This event serves as a hub for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and leading brands, making it the ideal platform for us to connect with key stakeholders. By participating in this expo, we have the opportunity to establish our brand presence, build relationships with potential clients, and gain valuable exposure to a diverse audience. Additionally, it allows us to stay informed about emerging trends and market demands, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation in the field.

Investing in and being part of the annual Beauty Expo is crucial for Candela on multiple levels. Firstly, it demonstrates our commitment to advancing the field of medical aesthetics. By showcasing our latest innovations and sharing our expertise, we contribute to the overall growth and development of the industry.

Secondly, this expo offers a unique platform for us to engage with beauty professionals, estheticians, and clinic owners. It allows us to not only present our products but also provide educational resources and guidance to attendees. Lastly, being part of this annual event enables us to network with industry leaders, exchange knowledge, and explore potential collaborations, ultimately strengthening our position within the market.”

VALERIE KOLT, International Business Manager, Sunless –

“The Beauty Expo is a paramount event that brings together professionals, enthusiasts, and influencers from across the globe. It serves as a hub for networking, learning, and showcasing the latest advancements and products in the beauty industry. For us, this annual extravaganza is a unique opportunity to engage with our esteemed beauty audience, to forge new connections, and to demonstrate why our brands continue to shine in the ever-evolving world of tanning.

First and foremost, our presence at the Beauty Expo is driven by our commitment to excellence and quality. Mystic Tan, VersaSpa, and Norvell Professional Custom Airbrush are all renowned names in the tanning industry, representing the epitome of innovation and customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that the Beauty Expo provides the ideal platform to highlight the features and benefits that set our brands apart from the competition.”

What innovations will you be displaying over the weekend and how are you best going to show off your brand to clients?

SARAH HUGHES, Learning and Development Manager, The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica PRO –

“Over the weekend, you will be able to see in action our latest professional launch Salycilic acid 15% gel peel, the first gel peel to effectively target active, sensitised skin imperfections. You will also get a sneak peek at new Retinol Accelerator, a professional strength gel-serum and penetration enhancers that boosts treatment results from chemical peels and other skin resurfacing treatments.

You will get to see exclusive live treatment demos featuring our latest advanced professional products and treatments, including our latest Pro Dermaplaning technique. You will also get the opportunity to meet our business partners and ambassadors on our stand to ask them questions on their experience with Dermalogica.”

BRITTANY VESCIO, General Manager, Derma Aesthetics –

“We will be exhibiting with a brand new, bespoke stand that we are so excited to show off!

Representing all our brands in one location, our stand will showcase the dermaviduals range of bespoke dermatological skincare and make up. There will be live EXCEED medical microneedling demonstrations performed by sought-after industry educators, and we will actively support guests in accessing our vast array of educational resources.

As our dermaviduals products have been created with the understanding that each skin is unique, requiring a customised prescription to target individual skin needs, we will use the expo as an opportunity for our team of educators to offer product formulation demonstrations and answer any questions the industry has about customised skincare. We look forward to contributing to the industry and creating new connections at this year’s Beauty Expo.”

MEDIHA ZEESHAN, Managing Director, Esthetica Academy –

“We are thrilled to showcase our latest innovations in aesthetic and medical devices that are set to revolutionise the industry. Our display will feature state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge features, and advancements that enhance treatment outcomes and client satisfaction.

One of our highly anticipated innovations is the introduction of our new cosmeceutical solution called “Melanopeel.” This breakthrough solution specifically targets melasma, a common skin concern. Melanopeel incorporates advanced ingredients and formulations that effectively address melasma, providing clients with a powerful tool to achieve clearer and more even- toned skin.

In addition to our innovative devices and Melanopeel, we have carefully planned our booth to create an immersive and engaging experience for clients. We will have live demonstrations by our skilled trainers, showcasing the capabilities and effectiveness of our devices. Interactive product displays, informative brochures, and engaging visuals will be strategically placed to captivate visitors and highlight the unique features and benefits of our brand.

To further enhance our brand visibility, we will have knowledgeable team members available to engage in meaningful conversations, answer queries, and provide personalised recommendations based on individual needs. We believe in the power of direct interaction and personalised attention to create lasting impressions and forge strong connections with our clients.

Furthermore, we have incorporated technology- driven elements into our booth, including interactive touchscreens and virtual reality experiences, to offer an immersive journey into our brand and product offerings. Clients will have the opportunity to explore our comprehensive training programs, gain insights from industry experts, and witness testimonials from professionals who have achieved remarkable results with our devices and skincare solutions.”

Rita Smith, General Manager, PAYOT –

As PAYOT unveils its latest beauty breakthrough at the Beauty Expo, they extend an invitation to attendees to experience firsthand the transformative power of their ground-breaking adaptogenic hydration range – SOURCE. By incorporating SOURCE’s unique formulation into their skincare offerings, salon owners can provide their clients with exceptional, results- driven skincare.

I had the privilege of speaking with Rita Smith, PAYOT’s General Manager, who shared fascinating insights into the brand’s latest offering. According to Smith, SOURCE is the culmination of extensive research and a deep understanding of nature’s remarkable adaptability and resilience. “By placing nature at the core of our research, we have embarked on a new avenue of innovation: Biomimicry,” explained Smith.

Smith emphasised the significance of face-to-face interaction and experiential demonstrations when it comes to showcasing a brand’s value. “At the Beauty Expo, attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience SOURCE firsthand,” she said. “Our team will be present to demonstrate the remarkable adaptogenic properties of our products and explain the innovative technology behind them.”

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