Why You Should Learn to BRAG at Work to Get Ahead

By Aisling O’Toole

Whether it’s a presentation, an interview or a client pitch – speaking in front of others is nerve wracking. What if you miss a cue? What if you say something wrong or your audience doesn’t respond the way you expect them to?

Believe it or not, the majority of people feel this way. In fact, research shows that 80% of Australians are nervous of public speaking, a statistic which is 5% higher than the global average of 75%.

And while there’s comfort in numbers, those 80% of Australians aren’t going to help you get through your next presentation: instead, the BRAG method is.

BRAG is a proven approach that helps you tackle the fight or flight feeling that can take over when we’re nervous––leaving us tongue tied and unable to think on our feet.

No matter how many times you’ve practiced, once adrenaline kicks in it can be hard to regulate your nervous system and return to a state of calm. Which is where the BRAG method can help you. Here’s how it works:


It all starts with the breath – if you take a minute to breathe and gather your thoughts, you’ll be able to reset and start again.

Deep breaths help regulate the nervous system and slow down your heart rate, leaving you with more capacity to think on your feet and pivot the conversation.

Slow breathing is proven to slow the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the flight or fight response, and while it may feel that taking time to breath is going to irritate your audience, a few seconds won’t be noticed. Extend the exhale to calm yourself.


The way our body reacts to fear is similar to how it reacts to excitement – shortness of breath, racing pulse and shaking – so when you start to feel nervous, try to reframe your mind into getting excited about the opportunity. This will be easier to latch onto in the moment if you’ve reframed your prep time as well.

Alter ego

Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce and Adele has Sasha Carter. What is your alter ego? This is about stepping outside of your nerves and channeling a version of you who has everything under control.

Also known as The Batman Effect, having an alter ego is a form of self-distancing that enables you to react well under pressure and remove negative emotions such as anxiety and fear. How did you envision this moment going? Did you see yourself sitting back and taking control of the conversation? If so, do that.

Having an alter ego is taking the age old saying “fake it til you make it” to the next level. Give it a try the next time you’re in a stressful situation, and if it helps to go full Sasha Fierce, then do it!


Studies have shown the link between regularly practicing gratitude and positive increases in areas like sleep, heart health and mental wellbeing. Similarly, practicing gratitude in the moment not only presents a positive impression but buys you time in the moment.

If you get asked a difficult question, reframing your response to one of gratitude will result in benefits. “Thank you for that question” is a simple response that works.

Now that you know how to BRAG, it’s time to put it into practice by applying for your dream job.

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