If You Want A New Job In 2023, Start Looking Now

Aisling O’Toole asks the tough questions worth answering ahead of your new job search.

New year, better you? If you’re calling 2023 the year you achieve all your career goals, then it might be time to start planning now – especially if you work within the beauty industry.

Salons, brands and stores are into their busy period, while staff are mixing personal commitments with work – meaning the majority of beauty businesses may find themselves a little short staffed at this time of year. And a short-staffed salon is the perfect stage for an ambitious professional to make their mark.

So if your CV is up to scratch and ready to go, how can you ensure you get that dream job?

Use your network

This industry is small, smaller than most, and often recruiting is done through word of mouth and personal recommendations, so flex your network. Identify where and what your dream job is, and then reach out to former colleagues who may work there and ask them for an introduction. Once you get the introduction act immediately. Set up a coffee meeting or a call and have your elevator pitch ready. Sell the benefits you can bring to the company, sell yourself and know what your ask is.

Use social media

Do you use social media to showcase your holidays and social life or do you use it to highlight your talent? Now is the time to switch your mindset about what your social media is for – it’s for a prospective employer to see what you can do. And captions matter – a picture might speak a thousand words but captions are where you get to talk about your achievements, your ethos and what matters to you.

Be prepared

This industry moves quickly so you need to make sure you’re prepared to jump. What’s your notice period? Do you need to spend time detangling your personal life from your professional one? Once you’ve decided that you want to find a new job, start prepping for it. Is your CV and LinkedIn up to date and who can you ask to give you a reference? The better prepared you are, the more quickly you can take advantage of an opportunity when it comes knocking.

Do your research

Begin to check out the companies that are hiring. There are dozens of companies currently hiring for beauty professionals on the Professional Beauty Job Board. We’ve selected three vacant roles below that are worth checking out.

Skin Specialist, Pure Indulgence

The Role: As a Skin Specialist with Pure Indulgence you will have an opportunity to work with a leading brand on innovative and groundbreaking treatments.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for performing advanced skin treatments including microdermabrasion, micro skin needling, skin peels and BT micro technology.

The Requirements: You will need experience working with advanced skin treatments, and a proven track record as a beauty professional.

Apply for the Skin Specialist role or browse all available roles at Pure Indulgence.

Spa Manager, Urban Spa

The Role: As the Spa Manager you will manage and motivate a team of beauty therapists while pushing the company forward and achieving goals year on year.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for providing clients with the most up to date dermal therapies and beauty services in beautiful tranquil surroundings.

The Requirements: You will need a qualification in beauty therapy, successful experience in a management role and a proven track record of being able to reach targets and KPIs.

Apply for the Spa Manager role or browse all other opportunities at Urban Spa.

Hairdresser, Hair House

The Role: Working as a Hairdresser with Hair House gives an experienced professional a chance to work within a busy and reputable salon.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for delivering professional and personalised hair services and home care advice, providing full consultations, product advice and rebooking to support a high performing and values-driven salon.

The Requirements: You will be a qualified hairdresser with a Certificate III in hairdressing.

Apply for the Hairdresser role or browse all available positions with Hair House.

Browse the Professional Beauty Job Board to find your perfect role for 2023 

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