Fake the Lip Filler Look With These Pro Plumping Products

Lips are big – and we’re talking figuratively and literally. 

Fillers are a costly investment for clients, so it’s no wonder beauty brands have been eager to offer an attainable alternative.

Lip plumping products make for a great upsell in-salon or introduction to a brand, given their typically lower price point over skincare, as well as universal appeal. New users will appreciate options that act much like a lip balm, with a subtle plumping effect. Others will love a more high-impact approach (the greater the tingle, the greater the result?).

We narrowed down 8 lip plumping products worth offering to your clients:

1. Dr. Naomi Apocalips Lip Plumping Treatment

Few brands have achieved product packaging quite as cool as Dr. Naomi, with the brand’s cult Apocalips no exception. The syringe-like dispenser holds the dense plumping formula – a waxxy solution that is both hydrating and comfortable on the lips. Beware – it’s a spicy one! That’s simply its hero ingredients – Volu-Lipsome, hyaluronic acid and peptides – in action.

Dr. Naomi Apocalips Lip Plumping Treatment

2. PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster 

PCA is regarded for its use of high-grade cosmeceutical ingredients, so you can expect your lips to be treated with as much care as the skin on your face. Its Lip Booster is dispensed as a clear gel, offering a faint peppermint smell and taste. It creates an instant tingle on the lips, building with time to add volume and hydration to your pout.

PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster 

3. SLA Paris Shiny Ink Coat Plumping Gloss in Chloe

French cosmetics company SLA Paris has recently launched Chloe – a lip plumping version of the brand’s signature Shiny Ink Coat Lipstick. This clear gel is charged with coconut oil, where when combined with hyaluronic acid creates a hydrating and wearable feel. Glucomannan (Konjac Root) plus light-reflecting pigments work together to create a fuller lip look.

SLA Paris Shiny Ink Coat Plumping Gloss in Chloe

4. Luk Beautifood Pepperberry Lip Jam

All-naturale szechuan pepper is the hero ingredient in Luk’s Lip Jam, and boy does it pack a punch! This highly pigmented gel (courtesy of beetroot, no less) works to boost circulation, while working with other natural ingredients like anti-inflammatory chia seeds and moisturising hibiscus extract to maintain lip health, too.

Luk Beautifood Pepperberry Lip Jam

5. Imbibe Collagen Lips 

Housed in a sleek black pot, this natural, fragrance-free salve offers a light tint and minimal sensation on the lips, making it suitable for everyday wear. Packed with anti-ageing peptides, Imbibe’s solution works to encourage collagen and elastin production for a fuller, more youthful looking pout long-term. 

Imbibe Collagen Lips 

6. Lash Rehab Lip Rehab

While Lash Rehab is regarded for their lash volumising products, it’s the brand’s recently launched Lip Rehab that is currently on our radar. Functioning like a gloss, minus the sticky feel, its solution contains minerals and vitamin E for top-to-tail lip nourishment. The Australian-owned brand is also offering Lip Rehab as part of a 3-piece Christmas Bon Bon – too cute!

Lash Rehab Lip Rehab

7. LIP DR Plump. The Volumisor.

Coming in HOT (literally) is this powerful lip plumper by new-to-market Australian brand, LIP DR. Plump. is Step 4 of the brand’s 5-step lip care product line-up. Its peppery solution creates an immediate boost to the lips, with thanks to the brand’s very own MAXI-LIP component. Beeswax, sweet almond oil and aloe vera are also present to provide further moisturising benefits.

LIP DR Plump. The Volumisor.

8. iKOU Collagen Lip Plumping Booster

Applied much like a skin serum, iKOU’s genius lip booster is built using a dropper for a controlled application and a luxurious touch. The product’s unique ingredients list features bio-active pomegranate flower molecules, fenugreek sprouts, and antioxidant, omega-rich African marula fruit oil to stimulate lip fat-storing cells and hydrate dry lips respectively. Regular application of this liquid is designed to increase lip volume over time.

iKOU Collagen Lip Plumping Booster

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