How to Create and Market Your Beauty Business Identity in 2023

Opening your own beauty salon or launching your own brand form the career aspirations of many in the industry.

While glamorous on paper, the hard work, long hours and people skills required to keep a business afloat can be taxing on the best of us.

Establishing yourself as an expert in a specific field only matters in so much as how you market yourself, and how you build the DNA of your business identity.

Establishing your business identity

In a recent guidebook developed by salon software company, Phorest, a brand’s promise to its clients and customers should center on the following: a) authenticity, b) relevance, and c) consistency.

Before launching your business, it’s beneficial to first outline your mission, values and voice. Having such identifiers noted down are helpful in guiding you through all future business decisions. 

It’s also helpful to identify your dream client/customer/audience. This will lead to a well-rounded approach to your services and marketing goals from the get-go. Consider creative ways to ‘wow’ both new and returning clients.

Marketing your beauty business

Once the core of your business identity is established, you can take steps to build brand awareness. Marketing your business can take many forms, however it’s vital that entrepreneurs are considerate of their digital presence. 

According to a 2022 Phorest Consumer Discovery Survey, 78% of clients/customers use digital tools (such as reviews, Google, Yelp, and social media) to learn about a business.

Ensuring your business’ website is up-to-scratch and discoverable is essential. From there, businesses can look to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and advertising support for even greater visibility. The majority of clients who follow beauty salons via social media platforms choose to do so on Instagram.

Marketing your business via reputable trade publications like Professional Beauty can also be of immeasurable use.

“Content marketing will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape for some time to come,” says Phorest Director of Global Marketing, Sian Gray. “Having a solid base of quality content across all marketing channels is key for success.”

Whether or not you find yourself in a position of success on launch, it’s important for any good entrepreneur to continually search for fresh revenue streams, stay on top of trends, and generate ways to future-proof the business.

For more information, download your free guidebook via the Phorest website.

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