Here’s What To Do About The “Sunday Scaries”

If you’re afraid of the work week ahead, there are a few things worth considering to avoid burnout. Writes Aisling O’Toole.

For one in four Australians, the “Sunday Scaries”, aka that anxious feeling that creeps in as your weekend creeps out, is caused by panic about tasks they’re expected to complete in the upcoming week.

In fact, the sense of anxiety is so severe that it impacts on sleep every Sunday evening and potentially into the week ahead.

If this sounds familiar, rest assured you’re not alone. In fact, research from The University of Queensland Business School shows that while 25% of us experience the Sunday Scaries, for some, it can be a sign that we’re headed towards burnout, especially if it continues for several weeks in a row.

However, the good news is that there are certain strategies you can adopt to try and stop the anxious feelings, and limit the impact they have on both your mental health and productivity.

Understand the cause

Are you feeling worried about the week ahead because you have a particular goal to hit or do you just have an underlying sense of dread?

If it’s the first, then you know that there’s an end in sight, however, if it’s the second then you might need to look a little deeper at the root cause and ask yourself a big question: are you headed for burnout?

Perhaps you’re overworked and in need of some time off––often, what presents as the Sunday Scaries is in fact chronic stress and overwork. Given that Australian workers experience burnout at a higher rate than the global average, the underlying cause of your feelings shouldn’t be ignored.

Research from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index showed that globally, 53% of managers admit to feelings of burnout compared to 66% of Australian managers. While for workers, 62% of Australians feel headed for burnout compared to the 48% global average.

Speak up

Experts suggest that sharing your concerns with colleagues or family members can help minimise levels of stress. If you’re concerned about an upcoming project or target that needs to be met, speaking to colleagues and your manager can alleviate concerns by learning that you’re not alone or by proactively coming up with solutions to your concerns.

Get ahead

Apprehension kicks in when you’re worried about the week ahead, which is why productivity experts suggest organising your week ahead over the weekend, or on a Friday afternoon if possible. Setting goals and organising your diary when things are quiet can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and allows you to allocate time efficiently.

Recognise the signs

Are you feeling anxious about returning to work because of something in particular––or is this how you feel every weekend? If you consistently dread Mondays, have taken steps to get ahead of your workload and manage expectations, then maybe it’s time you looked at moving jobs.

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