Client Convenience at the Heart of Sydney Airport’s Art of Beauty Lounge

We all know how difficult it can be to secure time away from our busy schedules for some skin R&R. Throw in some scheduled international travel and our focus moves solely to preparation mode. 

With COVID largely behind us, global flight passenger traffic is forecast to reach 92% (or 8.4 billion passengers) of 2019 levels this year. At Sydney International Airport alone, February 2023 saw 1.006 million passengers pass through, representing a 76.3% recovery on February 2019 pre-COVID passenger traffic.

For time-poor air travelers who suddenly find themselves with a spare hour to kill before boarding, a quick facial is just the ticket to fit in some much needed downtime and skin therapy. And as statistics show, there are certainly a lot of us waiting at the gate!

It’s with this knowledge on hand that the Art of Beauty Lounge at Sydney’s International Airport was established. Swiss luxury skincare brand, La Prairie is at the forefront of the development, partnering with Heinemann Tax & Duty Free. The dedicated airport skincare destination is the first-of-its-kind in the world.

Clients have access to a 45 minute in-room treatment, as well as express services at the counter.  The space features two private treatment rooms whereby incoming clients receive a skin consultation, choice in music, control over pressure, scent, and complimentary beverage. 

“We are delighted to launch La Prairie’s stunning Art of Beauty Lounge at Sydney International Airport,” said George Tsoukalas, Managing Director, Heinemann Tax & Duty Free Australia. “With this beautiful and unique service experience we are creating yet another compelling reason to ‘arrive early’ at the airport. 

Managing Director for La Prairie Group Australia and New Zealand, Rosi Fernandez shared further details with Professional Beauty on the offering:

Outline what makes this offering so convenient to travelling clients? 

“Firstly, its convenience is in the location. La Prairie’s Art of Beauty Lounge is found as soon as you pass customs at Sydney International Airport, so you don’t have to waste any of your time walking there. Secondly, the fact that most people now have to arrive even earlier at the airport due to the security measures, means that they can use that time to prepare their skin from the stress of air travel. Thirdly, many of our discerning clients are time poor – this lounge gives them the opportunity to enjoy a facial that is sometimes very hard to fit into their daily schedules.”

Credit: Janos Jersch

Name some of the similarities and differences between La Prairie’s new Art of Beauty Lounge, compared to other La Prairie treatment destinations? 

“At the airport the treatments are designed to fit into the amount of time that travellers have before they board. 45 minutes is the magic amount, shorter than the 60 or 90 minutes offered at a spa. The treatments in off airport locations are designed to improve skin specific conditions. At the airport, the focus is on relaxation and hydration to combat the dehydration felt onboard. More neck and shoulder massage relieves the tension that can be experienced when getting ready for a long flight, whilst at spas the focus is on facial massage.”  

“At the airport, the focus is on relaxation and hydration to combat the dehydration felt onboard.”

Are walk-in appointments available, or are bookings required at all times? 

“It is possible that there may be an appointment available when you are at the airport, so it is definitely worth checking at the La Prairie counter or lounge. However, it is so easy to book online, where you can clearly secure your appointment and know without doubt that relaxation awaits when you arrive at the airport.”

Credit: Myles Kalus

It’s no secret air travel can interfere with skins’ hydration levels. How do products from the La Prairie professional range assist in countering this issue? 

“La Prairie products are highly concentrated, technologically advanced and proven to deliver better quality skin.  Having them professionally and generously applied just before the flight provides an enhanced level of protection to the cabin air.”

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