How to Close a Client Sale With Confidence

While you may be ready to run a victory lap at the tail-end of a sale, the final few minutes of your client-facing interaction can actually be the most significant. The manner and ease with which you round out a sale can make-or-break a clients’ overall impression of you and your business. Here are a few key steps salon staff can practice in order to retain their sales confidence from start to finish:

Build client communication

From the moment your client walks through your salon door through to your final farewells, strong communication is key. Educate your client on the treatment best suited to them and their needs, providing background on what they can expect to gain from the service. Share product recommendations and any ideas on how your client can maintain their results from home. It’s important to also manage your client’s expectations post-treatment. Be sure to ask for feedback immediately, and pass on your details to ensure your client is confident in reaching out to you with any post-treatment questions or concerns.

Know your product

Ensure you’re always one step ahead of your client when it comes to product knowledge. You’re the expert, and your client is trusting in you to provide the best recommendations to meet their individual needs. Clients can read between the lines, so don’t get caught out reading from a script or exaggerating your knowledge. The Sales Catalyst’s Neil Osbourne advises to “avoid asking about brands! Instead, listen for the gaps and start there, maybe with a serum or eye cream. Works every time!”

Focus on the client, rather than the fees

A common mistake staff can make is giving a client their full attention for the initial 95 percent of their interaction, and then getting caught up in the admin side of things at the sale’s close. Ensure staff are at the top of their game with the support of Smartpay. Smartpay’s Zero Cost EFTPOS product allows staff to focus on the client, rather than the fees, which is key to any customer experience.

Close a sale with confidence with Smartpay

The technology is designed to save small business owners money on their eftpos transaction fees, putting these much-needed savings back into their business for better cash flow, client loyalty programs, new products, and even keeping the prices down so it’s the customer who is benefiting from your service. The fee is automatically billed to the client in a streamlined fashion and you benefit from no eftpos bill – a small price to pay for a trusting relationship with their beauty therapist.

If you would like to start saving on your eftpos transaction fees, zero out your bill and take advantage of Smartpay’s cashback offer, contact a payment specialist on 1800 531 784 or visit their website.

This article was sponsored by Smartpay.

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