Ditch these habits, make more money

Is your salon leaving too much cash on the table, and missing opportunities to increase revenue? Good chance; most do. But the extreme to which you miss out on making money can vary, depending on how prepared you are to spot opportunities. Not leveraging existing customers “Every satisfied customer is an ambassador for your salon,” […]

The financials you need to know

To suggest that owning your own salon is a learning curve would be an understatement. While you likely spend your days and evenings looking for new ways to lure in clients, refine your offering and really nail your marketing efforts, there’s another area that needs a whole stack of your energy – the financials. Yes, […]

Selling your salon: a guide

Selling a salon for the maximum price to the right purchaser, on the right terms, can be a mammoth task, even for the initiated. Some aspects are simpler to identify, such as the value of machinery or real estate. Others, such as your good will and clientele, can be trickier. If the time has come […]


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